AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth Fleet rankFleet captain

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateJoined the denizens of Eternity Port


GenomeHuman male

Korolov rankLegend

Money (credits)2426066

Money (euros)3438


Ship classHercules-class transport

Time played23 hours and 47 minutes

Version1.8 Alpha 2

achievements & regrets

Defeated Luminous

Delivered arms to Asian Pacific Directorate

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Extracted data about project Grey Wolf

Fought the Diarchy's project Grey Wolf stealth ships

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Helped Lilith increase her powers

Helped Strawman to return safely

Killed Volkov

Met Failsafe

Obtained data ROM for Strawman

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists

Resurrected Lilith


Enemy ships destroyed2210

Enemy stations destroyed414

Friendly ships destroyed64

Friendly stations destroyed6


Profit on arms1376518

Profit on goods and materials391987

Profit on illegal items186177

Profit on luxury goods152160

Profit on ship's equipment359752

Profit on slave sales4250


Game resurrections71

damage sustained

ithalium armor11155

Jotun deflector297

Mammoth 100MW deflector100958

transuranic armor65124

heavy blast plate15498

blast plate2210

Mammoth 25MW deflector52057

heavy plasteel armor5232

plasteel armor59

reactive armor553

class I deflector676

enemy ships destroyed

Luminous avatar2

Phobos-class dreadnought5

Dreaming nomad2

Deimos-class destroyer3

Chasm-class heavy gunship11

Cometfall-class missileship3

Imperator-class destroyer1

Ventari destroyer17

Ferian warrior3

Tundra-class heavy gunship29

Revenant-class destroyer2

Evren X1-class heavy gunship5

Ranx dreadnought14

Kobol gunship6

Ares sentry71

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship3

Polar-class freighter3

Tripoli-class destroyer2

Zoanthrope behemoth1

Earth Slaver5

Hurin-class destroyer4

Xenophobe defender3

Sandstorm-class gunship262

Dwarg master9

Luminous drone40

Dreaming raider12

Wraith-class heavy gunship4

Centurion-class heavy gunship12

Evren-class heavy gunship11

Urak destroyer11

Goron behemoth4

Xenophobe fighter11

Mammoth frigate7

Akuma-class heavy gunship4

Steel slaver25

Revelations-class missileship15

Charon frigate2

Luminous messenger1

Atonement-class heavy gunship5

Ranx gunship118

Heliotrope frigate6

Goron monitor13

Barbary-class gunship11

Meth enforcer19

Repentant-class gunship9

Ronin/C-class gunship1

Sotho-class heavy gunship28

Zoanthrope raider126

Cavebear raider56

Drake-class missileship10

Viking II-class gunship65

Eldritch-class gunship24

Heliotrope gunship39

Marauder raid platform1

Wind slaver181

Plague-class gunship32

Demir-class gunship42

Kaiten-class gunship30

Urak sentinel63

Oromo-class gunship11

T31-class armed transport9

Viking-class gunship38

Centauri heavy raider5

Ronin/B-class gunship9

Corsair II-class gunship21

Borer II-class gunship45

Hammerhead II-class gunship6

Zulu II-class gunship2

Himal interceptor1

Sabertooth raider158

Hornet-class battlepod111

Earthzone-class armed shuttle10

Borer-class gunship8

Hammerhead-class gunship10

Goron soldier20

Corsair-class gunship123

Goron swift53

Zulu-class gunship25

TA3-class sentinel29

Centauri raider12

enemy stations destroyed

Ares commune11

Ares shipyard3

Dreaming Nexus2


Kobol warlord camp3

Luminous Assembler11

Luminous Sentinel51

Ranx fortress7

Resurrector cathedral2

Rogue Fleet settlement2

Ares outpost6

Ranx outpost7

Resurrector sanctum2

Rogue Fleet cache2

Ventari colony8

Dwarg fortress1

Huari fortress3

outlaw pteracnium mine3

Penitent sanctum3

Sung citadel3

Sung fortress10

Dwarg colony28

Heliotrope colony6

Luminous Extractor65

Marauder stronghold1

outlaw duranium mine8

Penitent shrine5

Resurrector outpost3

Sung research laboratory1

Death Drug Cartel outpost6

First Hunters settlement14

Marauder compound3

Marauder outpost1

outlaw ceralloy mine5

Sapiens compound9

Sung slave camp13

Urak fortress7

Anarchist settlement5

Charon Pirates stronghold6

Goron lair14

Heliotrope outpost1

outlaw haven5

outlaw palladium mine3

Sapiens camp4

Urak mine5

Abbasid outpost5

Anarchist gathering9

Centauri warlord stronghold2

Charon Pirates outpost6

First Hunters outpost16

Himal refuge1

outlaw base3

outlaw camp2

outlaw titanium mine3

Urak outpost2

Anarchist habitat2

Charon Pirates cache4


Systems visited30


Osaka Playership

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

final equipment

Baihu archcannon

NAMI heavy launcher

enhanced Mammoth 100MW deflector [+20%]

6 enhanced segments of transuranic armor [+regen]

Hyperion reactor

inertialess drive

Longreach I autocannon

transpace jumpdrive

patch spider

cargo hold expansion

CDM shard

final items

396 M5 Nemesis missiles

110 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

30 M2 Vulcan missiles

646 S3 Medusa missiles

10 Luminous 7ame algorithms

2 advanced analyzers

gem of contrition

171 pteracnium fuel rods

4 Ares Campaign Ribbons

69 Luminous 5care algorithms

11 Scramble1.5 algorithm cubes

6 longzhu spheres

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Space Command identification chip

UAS Fleet identification chip

2 Commonwealth military identification chips

black market identification chip

friendly ships destroyed

CDM remote1

Imperator-class destroyer3

Luminous drone1

Molotok bounty hunter1

Centurion-class heavy gunship2

1M battle auton4

Wolfen-class gunship2

Zoanthrope raider15

Ferian miner23

EI500-class freighter1

Salvager Nomad3

Antares II-class freighter1

Kaiten-class gunship1

T31-class armed transport2

EI100-class freighter1

Zulu-class gunship3

friendly stations destroyed

(ED research lab)1

Ferian colony4

container habitat1

items installed

Baihu archcannon

Ares positron cannon

Hyperion reactor

ithalium armor

Jotun deflector

Kytryn blaster

NAMI heavy launcher

omnidirectional ion blaster

Koshiba-500 reactor

Mammoth 100MW deflector

transuranic armor

Bushido weapon enhancer

Hanzo blaster

heavy blast plate

inertialess drive

Longreach I autocannon

SN2500 reactor

transpace jumpdrive

150NX reactor

blast plate

Mammoth 25MW deflector

patch spider

dual x-ray laser cannon

heavy plasteel armor

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Nova-100 reactor

dual turbolaser cannon

ICX missile defense turret

Nova-50 reactor

plasteel armor

NAMI missile launcher

tritium propulsion upgrade

cargo hold expansion

Nova-15 reactor

reactive armor

CDM shard

class I deflector

recoilless cannon

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions6

CSC missions14

Korolov shipping missions12

Mining colony missions4

Money earned on missions1242850

Slaves freed11

Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet49037

weapons fired

Baihu archcannon1919

M5 Nemesis missile128

Ares positron cannon98

Kytryn blaster1289

M2 Vulcan missile574

NAMI heavy launcher1334

omnidirectional ion blaster11

S3 Medusa missile632

Hanzo blaster11301

XM900 Lucifer missile1999

dual x-ray laser cannon21802

dual turbolaser cannon687

KM550 Broadsword missile1198

Longreach I autocannon5537

XM300 Reaper missile8

KM120 Brute missile233

KM500 Stiletto missile1038

NAMI missile launcher4643

KM100 Longbow missile167

laser cannon6220

recoilless cannon71

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