AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Domina relationshipNovice

FateDestroyed by a Ranx gunship in the Nobunaga System


GenomeHuman female

Money (credits)50220


Ship classEI X-class bomber

Time played3 hours and 45 minutes



Enemy ships destroyed248

Enemy stations destroyed46

Friendly ships destroyed2


Profit on arms81378

Profit on goods and materials54106

Profit on luxury goods4365

Profit on medical supplies556


Honored permadeath

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

DU-HEX compound armor2987

hardened plasteel armor236

medium Novaya armor567

class III deflector10139

DU-HEX scale armor538

light obdurate plate4120

heavy reactive armor321

class II deflector1610

enemy ships destroyed

Augury-class destroyer3

Trask armored freighter1

Trask juggernaught6

Gale-class Warwing9

Dringend-class armed shuttle19

Punisher-class frigate7

Anika-class heavy gunship2

Wildcat II-class heavy gunship12

Lumiere battle auton1

Storm Cavalier22

Varukisas Processor2

Trask gunship103

Triavid Breeder5

Zoanthrope raider2

Varukisas armored auton9

Salvager Nomad3

Triavid spawn7

Viking-class gunship1

Charon Lynx II5

Charon Lynx8

Varukisas auton3

Triavid spore15

Corsair-class gunship1

Centauri raider2

enemy stations destroyed

Macht Coven Polis1

Charon rogues Fortress6

Macht Coven encampment5

Trask Mine8

Cloudskipper Base11

Trask brood10

Charon rogues outpost5


Systems visited12

Never reached Rigel Aurelius

Never reached St. Katharine's Star

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Point Juno

Never reached Heretic

Never reached the Galactic Core


Corporate Command

Project Renegade

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

enhanced dual particle beam weapon [+fast]

enhanced Ferra turret [+fast]

CX Renegade launcher

enhanced class III deflector [+50%]

4 segments of DU-HEX compound armor

150NX reactor

ICX missile defense turret

miners's cargo hold

final items

16 Red Dragon armored missiles

Ares lightning cannon

decayed etherium field crystal

5 CX Saber missiles

death cube

16 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

3 class B excavation pods

4 cases of fusion triggers

engineering analyzer

hexagene booster

light armor repair kit

ShieldPower v3.1.8 algorithm cube

13 CX Halberd missiles

2 military map ROMs

3 neodymium magnet arrays

7 disks of lanthanum glass

advanced Urak mass driver

damaged S-Class moderator

damaged stardust cannon

2 weapon optimizer ROMs

11 seismic scanner pods

2 barrels of carbon-weaver nanos

2 bootleg Star Wars 3DVs

2 kinetic upgrades

mining laser

3 barrels of armor repair paste

friendly ships destroyed


Varukisas auton1

items installed

150NX reactor

DU-HEX compound armor

dual particle beam weapon

Ferra turret

hardened plasteel armor

medium Novaya armor

Vallican 75MW reactor

class III deflector

DU-HEX scale armor

Ferra cannon

ICX missile defense turret

light obdurate plate

stardust cannon

CX Renegade launcher

heavy reactive armor

light Apeliotes plate

miners's cargo hold

Vallican 20MW reactor

class II deflector

heavy recoilless cannon

mining laser

Tri-S grenade launcher

missions & activities

Money earned on missions18200

weapons fired

CX Saber missile48

dual particle beam weapon1280

Ferra turret10967

TriX FractureFrag grenade9

CX Halberd missile183

Ferra cannon1467

stardust cannon1988

Tri12 hexagene grenade17

CX Renegade launcher491

CX Vigilante missile260

heavy recoilless cannon1060

mining laser877

Tri-S grenade launcher54

Tri7 frag grenade28

laser cannon2586

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