AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Black Market rankSindikat lieutenant

Commonwealth Fleet rankFleet commander

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

Domina relationshipPatriarch

FateLeft Human Space on a journey to the Galactic Core


GenomeHuman male

Korolov rankMaster

Money (credits)6669247

Money (rin)8379161


Ship classEI500-class freighter

Time played6 hours and 59 minutes

Version1.7 Beta 6

achievements & regrets

Allowed Rama to meet his destiny

Became Defender of the Huari

Became Legendary Hero of the Arena

Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping

Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents

Defended Point Juno

Defended the CSC Antarctica

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Liberated Raisu station

Made contact with Stormhound

Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists


Enemy ships destroyed1316

Enemy stations destroyed146

Friendly ships destroyed19


Profit on goods and materials23628

Profit on illegal items123084

Profit on luxury goods35317

Profit on medical supplies75849


Game resurrections36

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

octocarbide armor33987

hexacarbide armor4951

Jotun deflector65664

Mammoth 100MW deflector1014

quadrocarbide armor5622

Taikon-10 deflector3321

V300 powered armor2156

R5-B deflector1989

DU-HEX compound armor3435

class V deflector2141

Daedallium plate618

lo-flux shield generator3761

monopole deflector screen980

class I deflector9

enemy ships destroyed

Iocrym command ship1

Xenophobe ark1

Phobos-class dreadnought1

Huygens Explorer1

Iocrym sentinel33

Xenophobe worldship2

Aquila-class cruiser3

Gaian processor4

Chasm-class heavy gunship11

Dragon Slaver1

Cometfall-class missileship6

Ventari destroyer12

Polar II-class freighter5

Tundra-class heavy gunship7

Ranx dreadnought3

Skeiron Dragoon1

Excruciator-class destroyer1

Ares sentry26

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship2

Polar-class freighter7

Earth Slaver11

The Slicer1

Xenophobe defender7

Augury-class destroyer6

Kobol gunship11

Sandstorm-class gunship189

Dwarg master3

Luminous drone57

Gale-class Warwing4

Urak destroyer1

Centurion-class heavy gunship8

Manticore-class heavy gunship1

Sung transport5

Xenophobe fighter98

Dringend-class armed shuttle14

Revelations-class missileship3

Steel slaver22

Charon frigate3

Atonement-class heavy gunship18

Ranx gunship65

heavy IAV2

Wildcat II-class heavy gunship2

Scarab-class superfreighter1

Heliotrope frigate5

Wolfen-class gunship1

Barbary-class gunship3

Repentant-class gunship36

Vanguard-class heavy gunner1

Meth enforcer10

Ronin/C-class gunship4

Sotho-class heavy gunship9

Drake-class missileship7

Zoanthrope raider26

Varukisas armoured auton5

Viking II-class gunship54

Sapphire-class yacht1

Marauder raid platform2

Wind slaver124

EI200-class freighter1

Plague-class gunship3

Salvager Nomad2

Heliotrope gunship25

Arco Vaughn1

Urak sentinel4

Oromo-class gunship6

T31-class armed transport1

Centauri heavy raider3

Viking-class gunship39

Charon Lynx II4

Corsair II-class gunship25

Ronin/B-class gunship2

Charon Lynx1

Borer II-class gunship14

Hammerhead II-class gunship1

EI500-class freighter3

Ronin/A-class gunship6

Zulu II-class gunship8

Varukisas auton1

medium IAV1

TX2 explorer auton2

Borer-class gunship6

EI100-class freighter5

Earthzone-class armed shuttle3

Hornet-class battlepod29

light IAV4

Corsair-class gunship102

Zulu-class gunship11

TA3-class sentinel8

Centauri raider47

enemy stations destroyed

pteravore lair6

Ares commune4

Kobol warlord camp6

Luminous Assembler5

Macht Coven Polis2

Ranx fortress3

Rogue Fleet settlement1

Ares outpost6

Penitent monastery1

Ranx outpost4

Rogue Fleet cache1

Ventari colony5

Penitent sanctum5

Sung citadel5

Sung fortress7

Varukisas archive3

Charon rogues Fortress1

Dwarg colony10

Heliotrope colony4

Macht Coven encampment3

outlaw duranium mine1

Penitent shrine7

Death Drug Cartel outpost4

Marauder compound2

Sapiens compound2

Sung slave camp7

Urak fortress1

Charon Pirates stronghold7

Charon rogues outpost1

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Heliotrope outpost4

Abbasid outpost1

Anarchist gathering6

Arco Vaughn's container habitat1

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost3

outlaw base1

outlaw camp2

Centauri warlord camp8

Charon Pirates cache4


Systems visited28

Never reached the Galactic Core


Osaka Playership

Project Renegade

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

enhanced Dvalin Ion9 cannon [+60%]

enhanced NAMI heavy launcher [+40%]

enhanced Jotun deflector [+50%]

3 enhanced segments of octocarbide armor [+50%]

enhanced segment of octocarbide armor [+20%]

Hyperion reactor

enhanced pteracnium megadrive [+enhanced]

transpace jumpdrive

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

smuggler's cargo hold

final items

4 segments of light Iocrym armor

207 M5 Nemesis missiles

6 Iocrym sentinel viruses

9 chests of jasmine pearl tea

12 cases of New Coke

189 S3 Medusa missiles

4 heavy armor repair kits

423 M2 Vulcan missiles

55 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

Iocrym veil

Qianlong archcannon

2 tritium injectors

3 portable autodocs

4 barrels of ithalium paste

4 cases of Ringer spice

4 Luminous 7ame algorithms

advanced analyzer

advanced analyzer

blue etherium field crystal

15 chests of jinn-khan

2 Ares Campaign Ribbons

2 cases of cyanavir

2 Microsaurs™

2 molbidium field crystals

3 CDM archives

3 Neuros personal media players

36 pteracnium fuel rods

43 Luminous 5care algorithms

6 medium armor repair kits

decayed etherium field crystal

gem of despair

14 longzhu spheres

2 death cubes

2 Scramble1.5 algorithm cubes

4 ShieldEfficiency v1.2.5 algorithm cubes

5 cases of neuranase

6 barrels of ion resistance coating

barrel of rejuv tank fluid

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

green etherium field crystal

10 grams of unlicensed cancer dust

10 light armor repair kits

10 optical knowledge arrays

3 hexagene boosters

7 cases of artificial plasma

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Humagen heart and lungs prosthesis

ShieldPower v3.1.8 algorithm cube

vial of thioseptal

2 digital wrist computers

7 disks of lanthanum glass

8 cases of hypermycin

case of radiation meds

Commonwealth military identification chip

particle source upgrade

17 kilos of Booster

4 barrels of decon gel

4 barrels of particle resistance coating

17 crates of medical supplies

3 barrels of carbon-weaver nanos

6 bootleg Star Wars 3DVs

9 cases of Martian nori

black market identification chip

kinetic upgrade

23 laudanum ampules

7 Tempus syrettes

data ROM

data ROM

laser amplifier

friendly ships destroyed

Ferian warrior1

Britannia-class heavy gunship1

Molotok bounty hunter1

Centurion-class heavy gunship2

Ferian miner1

Zoanthrope raider7

EI500-class freighter2

T31-class armed transport1

EI100-class freighter2

Zulu-class gunship1

items installed

light Iocrym armor

Kytryn launcher

octocarbide armor

Ares positron cannon

Dvalin Ion9 cannon

hexacarbide armor

Hyperion reactor

Iocrym veil

Jotun deflector

Kytryn blaster

NAMI heavy launcher

omnidirectional ion blaster

pteracnium megadrive

Qianlong archcannon

Luminous blaster

Mammoth 100MW deflector

quadrocarbide armor

Rasiermesser launcher

Taikon-10 deflector

V300 powered armor

worldship armor plate

Bushido weapon enhancer

inertialess drive

Katana star cannon

R5-B deflector

transpace jumpdrive

150NX reactor

DU-HEX compound armor

patch spider

TeV 9 blaster

Titan 440 fusion drive

class V deflector

dual particle beam weapon

heavy meteorsteel

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Luminous armature

Makayev weapon enhancer

MRAD experiment

Nova-100 reactor

particle accelerator

Daedallium plate

lo-flux shield generator

Nova-50 reactor

patcher arm

plasteel armor

smuggler's cargo hold

DK10 Arbalest cannon

light plasteel armor

monopole deflector screen

NAMI missile launcher

Nova-25 reactor

photo-organic armor

Rasiermesser SmartCannon

tritium propulsion upgrade

cannon accelerator

heavy titanium armor

omnidirectional laser cannon

class I deflector

missions & activities

Commonwealth habitat missions1

Commonwealth militia missions6

CSC missions15

Korolov escort missions10

Money earned on missions6050

Psionics offered to Domina19

Slaves freed23

Slaves offered to Domina37

Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet25862

weapons fired

M5 Nemesis missile88

Ares positron cannon106

Dvalin Ion9 cannon2014

Gotha-400 seeker1165

M2 Vulcan missile173

NAMI heavy launcher658

omnidirectional ion blaster133

Qianlong archcannon26

S3 Medusa missile397

Gotha-10 missile1769

Luminous blaster1645

Rasiermesser launcher2934

Katana star cannon3525

XM900 Lucifer missile41

TeV 9 blaster901

dual particle beam weapon3240

DK10 Arbalest cannon392

KM120 Brute missile87

KM500 Stiletto missile268

NAMI missile launcher396

Rasiermesser SmartCannon823

omnidirectional laser cannon2

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