AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth Fleet rankMaster sergeant

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateSelf-destructed in the Adroa System


GenomeHuman male

Money (credits)676112

Money (euros)60738

Money (rin)21208

Money (yuan)706196


Ship classRaijin-class heavy gunship

Time played21 hours and 50 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel


Enemy ships destroyed1344

Enemy stations destroyed124

Friendly ships destroyed25


Profit on arms906154

Profit on goods and materials52919

Profit on illegal items892

Profit on luxury goods15874

Profit on ship's equipment448127


Game resurrections55

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

hexacarbide armor6170

Iocrym veil6194

ion reflector718

Mammoth 100MW deflector69415

blast plate93

Invincible-class deflector8286

nanoforged plasteel armor742

light plasteel armor319

monopole deflector screen5960

class II deflector497

enemy ships destroyed

Gaian processor3

Dreaming nomad2

Chasm-class heavy gunship1

Ventari destroyer7

Tundra-class heavy gunship13

Revenant-class destroyer1

Ranx dreadnought5

Kobol gunship5

Ares sentry13

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship2

Polar-class freighter9

Zoanthrope behemoth1

Earth Slaver2

Sandstorm-class gunship217

Dwarg master15

Luminous drone79

Wraith-class heavy gunship8

Urak destroyer9

Centurion-class heavy gunship18

Goron behemoth3

Evren-class heavy gunship6

Mammoth frigate4

Revelations-class missileship8

Charon frigate1

Steel slaver14

Atonement-class heavy gunship9

Ranx gunship80

Heliotrope frigate6

Goron monitor6

Barbary-class gunship9

Repentant-class gunship22

Meth enforcer10

Sotho-class heavy gunship8

Drake-class missileship4

Cavebear raider12

Zoanthrope raider115

Eldritch-class gunship10

Viking II-class gunship47

Marauder raid platform2

Wind slaver72

Plague-class gunship9

Heliotrope gunship22

Demir-class gunship20

Urak sentinel27

Oromo-class gunship3

T31-class armed transport1

Centauri heavy raider2

Viking-class gunship31

Corsair II-class gunship24

Ronin/B-class gunship8

Borer II-class gunship21

Hammerhead II-class gunship9

Zulu II-class gunship1

Himal interceptor1

Sabertooth raider69

Hornet-class battlepod65

Borer-class gunship17

Earthzone-class armed shuttle9

Hammerhead-class gunship5

Corsair-class gunship54

Goron soldier12

Goron swift34

Zulu-class gunship5

TA3-class sentinel25

Centauri raider12

enemy stations destroyed

Ares commune1

Kobol warlord camp1

Luminous Sentinel1

Ranx fortress1

Resurrector cathedral1

Rogue Fleet settlement1

Ares outpost6

Penitent monastery1

Ranx outpost3

Rogue Fleet cache4

Ventari colony1

outlaw pteracnium mine4

Penitent sanctum1

Sung fortress4

Dwarg colony9

Heliotrope colony5

Luminous Extractor3

outlaw duranium mine5

Penitent shrine8

Resurrector outpost3

Death Drug Cartel outpost2

First Hunters settlement2

Marauder compound3

Sapiens compound3

Sung slave camp2

Urak fortress1

Anarchist settlement1

Charon Pirates stronghold1

Goron lair2

Heliotrope outpost1

outlaw palladium mine2

Sapiens camp1

Urak mine1

Abbasid outpost3

Anarchist gathering13

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost2

First Hunters outpost4

Himal refuge1

outlaw camp2

outlaw titanium mine7

Urak outpost2

Anarchist habitat1

Charon Pirates cache3


Systems visited31

Never reached Urak

final equipment

enhanced IM90 multitarget blaster [+150%]

Xuanwu-700 howitzer [+fast]

enhanced Xenophobe ion lancer [+20%]

Takao launcher

enhanced Mammoth 100MW deflector [+particle reflect]

4 segments of hexacarbide armor

Hyperion reactor

high-speed howitzer loader

cargo hold expansion

CDM shard

final items

4 barrels of orthosteel nanos

59 Shinyo missiles

Iocrym veil

Jotun deflector

273 Kairyu missiles

3 blue etherium field crystals

3 gems of contrition

58 Gotha-10 missiles

advanced analyzer

ion reflector

portable autodoc

17 molbidium field crystals

3 gems of despair

99 pteracnium fuel rods

Ares Campaign Ribbon

Bushido weapon enhancer

transpace jumpdrive

18 green etherium field crystals

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

enhanced Xuanwu-55 howitzer [+100%]

patch spider

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

omnidirectional x-ray laser

Space Command identification chip

2 military map ROMs

Commonwealth military identification chip

barrel of decon gel

Charon base map ROM

jewel of contemplation

5 kinetic upgrades

black market identification chip

laser collimator

laser amplifier

friendly ships destroyed

Wolfen-class gunship1

Ferian miner6

Zoanthrope raider13

medium IAV1

Salvager Nomad1

EI200-class freighter1

EI100-class freighter2

items installed

IM90 multitarget blaster

hexacarbide armor

Hyperion reactor

Iocrym veil

ion reflector

Koshiba-500 reactor

Mammoth 100MW deflector

Xuanwu-700 howitzer

advanced Kuma repeater

inertialess drive

transpace jumpdrive

Xenophobe ion lancer

blast plate

high-speed howitzer loader

Invincible-class deflector

patch spider

Xuanwu-55 howitzer

Kuma repeater

nanoforged plasteel armor

Nova-100 reactor

solar armor

Takao launcher

light plasteel armor

monopole deflector screen

Moskva 11 light turret

Nova-25 reactor

Otoroshi turret

cannon accelerator

cargo hold expansion

class II deflector

dual laser cannon

Nova-15 reactor

CDM shard

missions & activities

Agricultural colonies defended1

Commonwealth militia missions6

CSC missions5

Money earned on missions81866

weapons fired

IM90 multitarget blaster3101

Shinyo missile41

Kairyu missile119

Xuanwu-700 howitzer1754

advanced Kuma repeater2020

Xenophobe ion lancer1441

T-105 missile78

Xuanwu-55 howitzer873

Kuma repeater49

T-11 missile9

Takao launcher247

Moskva 11 light turret325

Otoroshi turret4867

dual laser cannon110

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