AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Commonwealth Fleet rankPrivateer

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

Domina relationshipCanon

FateDestroyed by a Ventari destroyer in the Jiang's Star System


GenomeHuman male

Money (credits)160045


Ship classCerulean-class speeder

Time played10 hours and 29 minutes

Version1.7 Alpha 2

achievements & regrets

Allowed Rama to meet his destiny

Befriended the Huari

Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Liberated Raisu station

Lost Jenna


Enemy ships destroyed798

Enemy stations destroyed131

Friendly ships destroyed29


Profit on arms372009

Profit on goods and materials51096

Profit on illegal items400

Profit on luxury goods15909

Profit on medical supplies15686


Game resurrections27

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

orthosteel armor8380

advanced ceralloy armor162

heavy blast plate7798

blast plate4735

Mammoth 25MW deflector41916

obdurate plate8708

advanced titanium armor435

Cyclotron S55 deflector5953

diamagnetic shield generator626

enemy ships destroyed

Manticore-class heavy gunship1

Tripoli-class destroyer4

Earth Slaver2

Xenophobe defender1

Augury-class destroyer4

Dwarg master1

Molotok bounty hunter4

Urak destroyer3

Sung transport1

Dringend-class armed shuttle12

Revelations-class missileship3

Steel slaver17

Atonement-class heavy gunship5

Charon frigate3

Ranx gunship13

Wildcat II-class heavy gunship6

Heliotrope frigate4

Repentant-class gunship15

Wolfen-class gunship1

T55-class armed transport1

Barbary-class gunship14

Trask gunship2

Vanguard-class heavy gunner1

Meth enforcer17

Ronin/C-class gunship2

Sotho-class heavy gunship6

Drake-class missileship14

Zoanthrope raider37

Varukisas armoured auton1

Viking II-class gunship110

Marauder raid platform6

Wind slaver98

Plague-class gunship5

Salvager Nomad2

Heliotrope gunship11

Arco Vaughn1

Urak sentinel29

Oromo-class gunship6

Centauri heavy raider4

Viking-class gunship44

Wildcat-class heavy gunship1

Corsair II-class gunship49

Ronin/B-class gunship2

Charon Lynx17

Borer II-class gunship16

Hammerhead II-class gunship7

Zulu II-class gunship5

Varukisas auton13

Himal interceptor1

TX2 explorer auton2

Hornet-class battlepod22

Borer-class gunship8

Earthzone-class armed shuttle3

Hammerhead-class gunship6

Corsair-class gunship75

Zulu-class gunship9

TA3-class sentinel4

Centauri raider47

enemy stations destroyed

Macht Coven Polis2

Penitent sanctum4

Ranx outpost2

outlaw pteracnium mine3

Sung citadel2

Sung fortress5

Varukisas archive3

Charon rogues Fortress3

Heliotrope colony1

Macht Coven encampment4

Marauder stronghold2

outlaw duranium mine2

Penitent shrine9

Arco Vaughn's container habitat1

Death Drug Cartel outpost4

Dwarg colony9

Marauder compound5

Marauder outpost3

Sapiens compound2

Sung slave camp6

Urak fortress2

Charon Pirates stronghold5

Charon rogues outpost10

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

outlaw haven2

outlaw palladium mine1

Sapiens camp1

Urak mine1

Abbasid outpost4

Anarchist gathering3

Charon Pirates outpost3

Himal refuge3

outlaw base2

outlaw camp1

outlaw titanium mine4

Urak outpost1

Centauri warlord camp9

Charon Pirates cache6


Systems visited28

Never reached Point Juno

Never reached Heretic

Never reached the Galactic Core


Osaka Playership

Project Renegade

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

final equipment

enhanced dual mark III howitzer [+50%]

enhanced dual Flenser cannon [+20%]

enhanced Mammoth 25MW deflector [+20%]

2 damaged segments of orthosteel armor

damaged segment of orthosteel armor [+20%]

damaged segment of heavy blast plate [+50%]

enhanced SN2500 reactor [+enhanced]

Titan 440 fusion drive

Makayev weapon enhancer

cargo hold expansion

final items

4 tons of hadron archeolith

2 gems of contrition

2 Ares Campaign Ribbons

4 gems of despair

8 CRM100 Fatboy mines

8 tons of ithalium ore

1M/i battle auton

3 cases of Terran eggs

3 damaged segments of DU-HEX compound armor

7 longzhu spheres

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

damaged segment of heavy Sung armor

segment of DU-HEX compound armor

131 White Strelka missiles

159 800F hexagene MAGs

2 Commonwealth Medals of Distinction

2 kilos of natural periweed

20 tons of pteracnium ore

98 xenotite fuel rods

light armor repair kit

mark I howitzer

2 Commonwealth military identification chips

38 heliumĀ³ reactor assemblies

62 Dragonfly missile cartridges

class III deflector

military map ROM

Abbasid thanogram

Charon base map ROM

targeting program ROM

2 shield enhancement ROMs

6 crates of medical supplies

black market identification chip

class II deflector

13 barrels of armor repair paste

data ROM

friendly ships destroyed

TX3 explorer auton1

Ferian miner3

Zoanthrope raider11

Salvager Nomad2

T31-class armed transport1

light IAV1

Ronin/A-class gunship2

Zulu-class gunship6

TA3-class sentinel2

items installed

orthosteel armor

advanced ceralloy armor

dual mark III howitzer

heavy blast plate

SN2500 reactor

blast plate

Mammoth 25MW deflector

obdurate plate

Titan 440 fusion drive

dual Flenser cannon

Makayev weapon enhancer

Nova-100 reactor

AK505 Ballista cannon

Nova-50 reactor

advanced titanium armor

Cyclotron S55 deflector

dual Bantam buster cannon

Vallican 20MW reactor

Bantam buster cannon

cargo hold expansion

diamagnetic shield generator

missions & activities

Agricultural colonies defended1

Commonwealth militia missions6 (1 failed)

CSC missions0

Mining colony missions3

Money earned on missions6500

Psionics offered to Domina5

Slaves freed10

Slaves offered to Domina19

Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet3912

weapons fired

dual mark III howitzer1343

dual Flenser cannon10083

AK505 Ballista cannon589

dual Bantam buster cannon630

Bantam buster cannon101

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