AdventureEternity Port

Black Market rankCivilian

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateDestroyed by the explosion of a Revelations-class missileship in the Ngai Alla System


GenomeHuman male

Money (credits)13405

Money (euros)18656

Money (rin)330

Money (yuan)191237


Ship classSpartan-class heavy gunship

Time played3 hours and 12 minutes

Version1.7 Alpha 1a

achievements & regrets

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Resurrected Lilith


Enemy ships destroyed517

Enemy stations destroyed106

Friendly ships destroyed3


Profit on arms158209

Profit on goods and materials33586

Profit on illegal items18540

Profit on luxury goods3899


Honored permadeath

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

heavy blast plate14184

nanoforged plasteel armor9812

class III deflector2882

heavy reactive armor627

hull plate ionizer14471

enemy ships destroyed

Revenant-class destroyer2

Luminous soldier1

Wraith-class heavy gunship4

Evren-class heavy gunship2

Mammoth frigate4

Revelations-class missileship3

Atonement-class heavy gunship1

Luminous messenger1

Heliotrope frigate3

T55-class armed transport1

Meth enforcer4

Ronin/C-class gunship2

Sotho-class heavy gunship2

Cavebear raider38

Drake-class missileship4

Zoanthrope raider4

Eldritch-class gunship36

Viking II-class gunship35

Heliotrope gunship21

Demir-class gunship10

Kaiten-class gunship1

Urak sentinel39

Oromo-class gunship10

T31-class armed transport4

Centauri heavy raider3

Viking-class gunship27

Corsair II-class gunship16

Ronin/B-class gunship2

Borer II-class gunship10

Hammerhead II-class gunship1

Zulu II-class gunship8

Himal interceptor4

Sabertooth raider85

Hornet-class battlepod25

Borer-class gunship14

Earthzone-class armed shuttle3

Hammerhead-class gunship2

Corsair-class gunship40

Goron soldier6

Goron swift6

Zulu-class gunship18

TA3-class sentinel10

Centauri raider5

enemy stations destroyed

Resurrector sanctum1

Heliotrope colony2

outlaw duranium mine1

Penitent shrine1

Resurrector outpost11

Death Drug Cartel outpost3

Dwarg colony3

First Hunters settlement9

outlaw ceralloy mine1

Sapiens compound1

Sung slave camp1

Anarchist settlement1

Charon Pirates stronghold2

Goron lair4

Heliotrope outpost3

outlaw palladium mine3

Urak mine7

Abbasid outpost5

Anarchist gathering8

Charon Pirates outpost1

First Hunters outpost10

Himal refuge5

outlaw base4

outlaw camp4

outlaw titanium mine3

Urak outpost3

Anarchist habitat3

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache5


Systems visited12

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Oromarch

Never reached Terminus


The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

IO25 Taran cannon

Kuma repeater

Takao launcher

class III deflector

2 segments of heavy blast plate

damaged segment of heavy blast plate

damaged segment of heavy blast plate [+particle]

SN2500 reactor

patcher arm

smuggler's cargo hold

CDM shard

final items

17 Kairyu missiles

2 tons of neutronium ore

15 pteracnium fuel rods

18 Black Death pods

2 tons of orthosteel ore

72 T-105 missiles

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

2 grams of unlicensed cancer dust

37 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

4 tons of platinum ore

5 tons of duranium ore

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Space Command identification chip

sunflare cannon

UAS Fleet identification chip

14 XM300 Reaper missiles

2 dual turbolaser cannons

3 neodymium magnet arrays

Commonwealth military identification chip

segment of polyceramic armor

2 tons of cobalt-thorium ore

2 tons of palladium ore

298 A4 Grom bolts

segment of heavy reactive armor

2 black market identification chips

3 cases of Martian nori

125 heliumĀ³ fuel rods

class I deflector

recoilless cannon

segment of light reactive armor

friendly ships destroyed

310A aegis auton1

Zoanthrope raider2

items installed

heavy blast plate

IO25 Taran cannon

SN2500 reactor

150NX reactor

Kuma repeater

nanoforged plasteel armor

Nova-100 reactor

AK505 Ballista cannon

class III deflector

patcher arm

smuggler's cargo hold

Sova-10 particle turret

Takao launcher

heavy reactive armor

Nova-25 reactor

solar panel array

cargo hold expansion

heavy recoilless cannon

hull plate ionizer

Nova-15 reactor

CDM shard

missions & activities

Agricultural colonies defended1

Commonwealth militia missions6

Money earned on missions89908

Slaves freed12

weapons fired

Kairyu missile33

IO25 Taran cannon231

T-105 missile240

Kuma repeater5163

AK505 Ballista cannon483

Sova-10 particle turret2104

T-11 missile344

Takao launcher617

heavy recoilless cannon1285

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