Joe Spaceman

Joe Spaceman

AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth militia rankLieutenant

FateDestroyed accidentally by the Nagato Explorer in the Sirius System


GenomeHuman female

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)32430

Money (euros)6951

Money (rin)143

Money (yuan)15130


Ship classSpartan-class heavy gunship

Time played3 hours and 46 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Scanned the Nagato Explorer


Enemy ships destroyed492

Enemy stations destroyed45

Friendly stations destroyed2


Profit on arms15404

Profit on goods and materials11781

Profit on illegal items150

Profit on luxury goods37893

Profit on medical supplies9636


Honored permadeath

damage sustained

blast plate503

Mammoth 25MW deflector13966

ceralloy armor318

plasteel armor147

heavy reactive armor141

nanoforged titanium armor141

hull plate ionizer1263

enemy ships destroyed

Wraith-class heavy gunship1

Urak destroyer2

Mammoth frigate2

Charon frigate4

Goron monitor3

Drake-class missileship3

Cavebear raider61

Revelations-class missileship1

Zoanthrope raider19

Eldritch-class gunship4

Wind slaver11

Plague-class gunship6

Heliotrope gunship5

Kaiten-class gunship5

Urak sentinel6

Viking-class gunship34

Centauri heavy raider2

Corsair II-class gunship10

Ronin/B-class gunship1

Borer II-class gunship1

Zulu II-class gunship2

Himal interceptor6

Sabertooth raider126

Hornet-class battlepod23

Borer-class gunship2

Earthzone-class armed shuttle2

Hammerhead-class gunship5

Corsair-class gunship104

Goron soldier3

Goron swift35

Centauri raider3

enemy stations destroyed

Dwarg colony1

First Hunters settlement2

Sapiens compound1

Sung slave camp2

Urak fortress1

Charon Pirates stronghold2

Goron lair3

Heliotrope outpost1

Abbasid outpost4

Anarchist gathering9

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost4

First Hunters outpost8

Himal refuge2

outlaw camp1

outlaw titanium mine1

Anarchist habitat1

Charon Pirates cache1


Systems visited7

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Oromarch

Never reached Urak

Never reached Terminus

final equipment

enhanced omnidirectional turbolaser cannon [+85%]

taubeam cannon

Archura launcher

Mammoth 25MW deflector

4 enhanced segments of blast plate [+Particle]

Nova-100 reactor

cargo hold expansion

CDM shard

laser collimator

final items

2 barrels of dyon dust

92 S700 Uragan bolts

2 damaged sunflare cannons

4 fusion triggers

6 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

Diarchy letter of marque

engineering analyzer

UAS Fleet identification chip

4 barrels of anti-radiation coating

4 damaged Lanceolate cannons

5 barrels of radioactive waste

6 particle source upgrades

Commonwealth military identification chip

damaged Dwarg xiphon cannon

particle accelerator

2 barrels of reflective armor coating

2 damaged segments of ironplate armor

4 weapon optimizer ROMs

damaged turbolaser cannon

defective weapon enhancement ROM

2 segments of reactive armor

5 system map ROMs

black market identification chip

portable analyzer

2 damaged class I deflectors

2 heliumĀ³ fuel rods

damaged segment of light reactive armor

friendly stations destroyed

Sisters of Domina2

items installed

blast plate

Mammoth 25MW deflector

ceralloy armor

Nova-100 reactor

Nova-50 reactor

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon

particle accelerator

plasteel armor

Sova-10 particle turret

Takao launcher

taubeam cannon

Archura launcher

heavy reactive armor

laser cannon array

light plasteel armor

nanoforged titanium armor

Nova-25 reactor

omnidirectional laser cannon

cargo hold expansion

heavy recoilless cannon

hull plate ionizer

CDM shard

laser collimator

missions & activities

Agricultural colonies defended1

Commonwealth militia missions1

Korolov escort missions9

Mining colony missions3

Money earned on missions53297

weapons fired

S700 Uragan bolt118

T-105 missile40

A30 Viyuga bolt19

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon7000

Sova-10 particle turret235

T-11 missile100

Takao launcher140

taubeam cannon2063

A4 Grom bolt151

Archura launcher288

laser cannon array1208

omnidirectional laser cannon543

heavy recoilless cannon679

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