A Developer Tries to Reach the Core

Episode 1

In the first episode we start in the relatively safe haven of Starton Eridani but end up going toe-to-toe with a deadly pirate frigate.

Episode 2

Confident after my success in Eridani, I try to running missions for Korolov Shipping, only to discover a fatal weakness.

Episode 3

Humbled but wiser, I continue to earn money escorting freighters, while trying to avoid encounters with the dreaded Charon frigates.

Episode 4

In this episode I fight to the death at the Battle Arena Maximus.

Episode 5

Fresh from success at the Arena, I join the Corporate Hierarchy and track down Anton Nasser.

Episode 6

I return to the Battle Arena to face The Slicer, but discover that Katami is in danger.

Episode 7

After destroying the Fortress of the Charon Pirates, I return to Korolov Shipping, only to discover that the deadly pirate ship Kronosaurus is after me.

Episode 8

After visiting most of the systems in the New Beyond, I finally reach St. Katharine's Star, the capital of the Commonwealth.

Episode 9

My first tentative foray into the Ungoverned Territories goes better than expected, but not without casualties.

Episode 10

In this episode I fight against Sung Slavers among the binary stars of the Draconis System.

Episode 11

A careless mistake almost costs me a life, but Domina's Desperate Escape is there to help.

Episode 12

In this episode I fight might way through Sung space.

Episode 13

Dwarg, Penitents, and the ever-present Sung oppose my journey to the Core.

Episode 14

I reach the Anaxas system and meet up again with Anton Nasser.

Episode 15

At the edge of the Ungoverned Territories, I find myself underpowered.

Episode 16

I enter the Outer Realm, but I still have unfinished business with the Huari.

Episode 17

In the Outer Realm, I run into a Commonwealth Star Carrier in need of meds.

Episode 18

I finally reach the fabled star system of Huaramarca.

Episode 19

I help the Commonwealth Fleet in their war against the Ares, but a mission to intercept an Ares convoy goes disastrously wrong—again and again.

Episode 20

After (painfully) learning my lesson on Ares strength, I go back and try again.

Episode 21

After upgrading weapons, I work for the Fleet once again.

Episode 22

With the CSC Pacifica's help, I take on two Omnithor hunter-killers.

Episode 23

Deep in the Outer Realm, I encounter the Fleet's last remaining stronghold of Point Juno. Will I be able to defend it from the Ares onslaught?

Episode 24

In the Gunsan system we meet Anton Nasser once again, and help to defend a military shipyard from chimera infection.

Episode 25

At the edge of Human Space I encounter the CSC Antarctica, a rogue carrier now hunted by the Fleet.

Episode 26

In the series finale, I finally encounter the Iocrym—the alien race responsible for the Human Quarantine Zone.

Final Stats


Adventure	Domina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim
Black Market rank	Enforcer
Commonwealth Fleet rank	Fleet commander
Commonwealth militia rank	Colonel
Corporate privateer rank	Security Officer
Domina relationship	Canon
Fate	Left Human Space on a journey to the Galactic Core
Game	Registered
Genome	Human female
Korolov rank	Legend
Money (credits)	34,285
Money (rin)	11,762
Score	82,784
Ship class	Sapphire-class yacht
Time played	23 hours and 29 minutes
Version	1.6.4


Allowed Rama to meet his destiny	
Became Defender of the Huari	
Became Legendary Hero of the Arena	
Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping	
Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents	
Defended the CSC Antarctica	
Destroyed Benedict's autons in 11 minutes and 40 seconds	
Destroyed Cyclops Lab X05	
Destroyed the Silla anomaly	
Discovered the Tau Ceti anomaly	
Failed to defend Point Juno	
Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere	
Liberated Raisu station	
Lost Jenna	
Lost Volkov	
Raided Cyclops Corporation headquarters	
Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market	
Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists	
Saved the Gunsan Complex from chimera infection	


Enemy ships destroyed	1997
Enemy stations destroyed	228
Friendly ships destroyed	36


Profit on arms	958,207
Profit on goods and materials	141,752
Profit on illegal items	39,735
Profit on luxury goods	81,604
Profit on medical supplies	18,314
Profit on slave sales	4,500


Game resurrections	9
Never destroyed friendly stations	


light Iocrym armor	3,237
octocarbide armor	8,700
Taikon-200 deflector	16,464
ithalium armor	2,748
carbide carapace	41,224
plasma shield generator	17,294
Dragon shield generator	8,902
Mammoth 50MW deflector	44,152
blast plate	10,538
Mammoth 25MW deflector	19,600
light blast plate	1,710
Nephren P25 shield generator	17,596
advanced reactive armor	378
heavy ceramic armor	210
light plasteel armor	453
hull plate ionizer	6,801
reactive armor	47
class I deflector	219


Huygens Explorer	1
Iocrym sentinel	8
Aquila-class cruiser	3
EI7000-class chimera	3
Chasm-class heavy gunship	13
Dragon Slaver	1
Omnithor hunter-killer	7
Cometfall-class missileship	4
Tundra-class heavy gunship	24
Centurion-class chimera	2
Ranx dreadnought	2
Kobol gunship	7
The Slicer	1
Ares sentry	30
Lumiere destroyer	2
Polar-class freighter	12
Omnithor heavy gunship	14
Tripoli-class destroyer	2
Zoanthrope behemoth	1
Earth Slaver	10
Omnithor gunship	4
Xenophobe defender	4
Sandstorm-class gunship	269
Dwarg master	12
Luminous drone	40
Urak destroyer	2
Centurion-class heavy gunship	2
pirate ship Kronosaurus	1
Troglav-class frigate	3
Wolfen-class gunship	1
Sung transport	5
Revelations-class missileship	6
Manticore-class heavy gunship	2
Steel slaver	32
Atonement-class heavy gunship	13
Charon frigate	4
Ranx gunship	75
heavy IAV	3
Lumiere battle auton	23
Heliotrope frigate	2
Repentant-class gunship	29
Viking-class chimera	2
T55-class armed transport	1
Barbary-class gunship	10
Meth enforcer	19
Ronin/C-class gunship	5
Sotho-class heavy gunship	16
Drake-class missileship	14
Lumiere sentinel	12
Zoanthrope raider	81
Viking II-class gunship	42
Marauder raid platform	2
Wind slaver	245
Earthzone-class chimera	2
EI200-class freighter	2
Plague-class gunship	5
Heliotrope gunship	30
Arco Vaughn	1
200A defender auton	1
EI500-class freighter	6
Likho-class heavy gunship	20
Urak sentinel	40
Oromo-class gunship	8
T31-class armed transport	5
Centauri heavy raider	4
Viking-class gunship	99
Hornet-class chimera	7
Corsair II-class gunship	49
Ronin/B-class gunship	6
Hammerhead II-class gunship	18
Borer II-class gunship	28
Ronin/A-class gunship	6
Zulu II-class gunship	3
Sirin 3B-class gunship	7
Himal interceptor	3
medium IAV	2
EI100-class freighter	7
Hornet-class battlepod	102
Borer-class gunship	7
Earthzone-class armed shuttle	15
Hammerhead-class gunship	7
Corsair-class gunship	280
light IAV	3
Zulu-class gunship	14
Sirin 3A-class gunship	15
TA3-class sentinel	20
Centauri raider	47


pteravore lair	1
Cyclops Lab X05	1
Ares commune	7
Omnithor settlement	1
Kobol warlord camp	3
Luminous Assembler	3
Omnithor autofac	4
Ranx fortress	1
Ares outpost	9
Omnithor lab	1
Penitent sanctum	4
Ranx outpost	5
Dwarg fortress	1
Lumiere stronghold	5
outlaw pteracnium mine	2
Sung citadel	3
Sung fortress	9
Curators stronghold	3
Dwarg colony	27
Heliotrope colony	4
Marauder stronghold	2
outlaw duranium mine	6
Penitent shrine	10
Arco Vaughn's container habitat	1
container habitat	1
Death Drug Cartel outpost	4
Lumiere outpost	4
Marauder compound	1
outlaw ceralloy mine	1
Sapiens compound	2
Sung slave camp	8
Urak fortress	2
Anarchist settlement	4
Charon Pirates stronghold	12
Curators vault	2
Fortress of the Charon Pirates	1
Heliotrope outpost	4
outlaw haven	1
outlaw palladium mine	3
Sapiens camp	3
Urak mine	2
Abbasid outpost	3
Anarchist gathering	11
Centauri warlord stronghold	4
Charon Pirates outpost	4
Himal refuge	2
outlaw base	4
outlaw titanium mine	3
Urak outpost	4
Anarchist habitat	4
Centauri warlord camp	6
Charon Pirates cache	10
Curators outpost	5


Systems visited	40
Never reached the Galactic Core	


Corporate Command	
The Stars of the Pilgrim HD	
The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack	


omnidirectional thermo cannon [+50%]	
Ares launcher	
Taikon-200 deflector	
4 damaged segments of light Iocrym armor	
Hyperion reactor	
enhanced tritium propulsion upgrade [+Enhanced]	
lithium booster	
ICX missile defense turret	
smuggler's cargo hold	


3 segments of octocarbide armor	
enhanced segment of octocarbide armor [+Regen]	
2 segments of ithalium armor	
authentic Ringer artifact	
2 advanced analyzers	
advanced analyzer	
segment of Tharsis plate	
2 medium armor repair kits	
311 thermo cannon shell cartridges	
5 gems of despair	
65 pteracnium fuel rods	
69 Ares micronukes	
Ares Campaign Ribbon	
enhanced tritium cannon [+50%]	
Commonwealth Medal of Honor	
Cydonian shield generator	
2 light armor repair kits	
Commonwealth Medal of Distinction	
2 Commonwealth military identification chips	
black market identification chip	
data ROM	


Sandstorm-class gunship	2
Molotok bounty hunter	1
Centurion-class heavy gunship	3
Ronin/C-class gunship	1
Ferian miner	8
Zoanthrope raider	14
T31-class armed transport	1
AutoSentinel®	1
Ronin/A-class gunship	1
EI100-class freighter	1
Zulu-class gunship	3


light Iocrym armor	
octocarbide armor	
Taikon-200 deflector	
Hyperion reactor	
ithalium armor	
Qianlong archcannon	
Ares launcher	
carbide carapace	
Koshiba-500 reactor	
lithium booster	
omnidirectional thermo cannon	
plasma shield generator	
side-mounted mark V howitzer	
Dragon shield generator	
light ion blaster	
Mammoth 50MW deflector	
tritium cannon	
150NX reactor	
blast plate	
Mammoth 25MW deflector	
omnidirectional muon cannon	
patch spider	
light blast plate	
mark I howitzer	
Nephren P25 shield generator	
Nova-100 reactor	
omnidirectional particle cannon	
Sabel 90 particle cannon	
advanced reactive armor	
ICX missile defense turret	
Nova-50 reactor	
particle beam weapon	
smuggler's cargo hold	
heavy ceramic armor	
light plasteel armor	
NAMI missile launcher	
Nova-25 reactor	
Rasiermesser SmartCannon	
tritium propulsion upgrade	
turbolaser cannon	
hull plate ionizer	
Nova-15 reactor	
reactive armor	
class I deflector	
recoilless cannon	


Commonwealth habitat missions	1
Commonwealth militia missions	6
Corporate privateer missions	8
CSC missions	9 (1 failed)
Korolov escort missions	18
Money earned on missions	21,500
Psionics offered to Domina	18
Slaves freed	8
Slaves offered to Domina	23
Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet	9,550


Ares Warhammer nuke	91
Qianlong archcannon	35
Ares launcher	685
omnidirectional thermo cannon	1,209
side-mounted mark V howitzer	493
Ares micronuke	594
light ion blaster	1,368
tritium cannon	10,898
XM900 Lucifer missile	157
omnidirectional muon cannon	266
mark I howitzer	4,415
omnidirectional particle cannon	694
Sabel 90 particle cannon	154
KM550 Broadsword missile	291
particle beam weapon	7,213
XM300 Reaper missile	30
KM110 Starburst missile	170
KM120 Brute missile	148
KM500 Stiletto missile	679
NAMI missile launcher	2,419
Rasiermesser SmartCannon	3,482
turbolaser cannon	1,010
KM100 Longbow missile	944
laser cannon	359
recoilless cannon	744


We broadcast almost every Thursday at 4 PM Pacific Time on Twitch.

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