By George Moromisato2 December 2021

It's been a long road, but today Kronosaur Productions is excited to announce the immediate release of Transcendence 1.9, a major new update of our epic-scale indie space opera. This release contains major new mechanics, graphical improvements, and hundreds of stability and quality fixes.


By George Moromisato20 July 2019

By George Moromisato22 February 2019

Kronosaur Productions is excited and relieved to announce the immediate release of Transcendence 1.8, the greatest version of our epic-scale indie space opera. This release contains major new mechanics, graphical improvements, and hundreds of stability and quality fixes.


By George Moromisato9 February 2019

I finally created models for the Hawker class and the Avenger class. Both are relatives of the Spartan class designed by Avery Astronautics.

The common heritage is obvious here, though I think the Avenger ended up looking like a Warhammer 40K space marine. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

By George Moromisato28 November 2018

Today is the 15th anniversary of the first public release of Transcendence (version 0.7).

Thanks to everyone who has supported the game and participated in the community throughout the years. There is no way I could have kept going for all this time without the help and encouragement of you all.

By George Moromisato6 October 2018

1.8 Beta 4 will have new marauder station images.

By George Moromisato31 August 2018

A corporate cruiser being repaired at a corporate shipyard.

By George Moromisato6 June 2018

Transcendence 1.8 Beta 2 fixes lots of bugs and adds a few minor enhancements. Most of the changes are invisible to the player, but you may notice a few:

  • New graphic images, including images for dual and omni weapons, plus new image for Corporate enclaves.
  • The auton bay in Corporate Command now repairs autons automatically (instead of forcing you to consume armor segments).
  • Corporate Command finally implements the Uzun targeting scanner, which vastly improve Burak missiles.
  • Modders have been asking for PNG support for many years and now the engine finally supports it.
By George Moromisato7 April 2018

I've just updated the Sapphire-class yacht 3D model for the first time since 2002. The original model worked well, even in hero shots, but it always bothered me that I didn't consider the internal layout of the ship. If you look at the original design (background) you can see that there is no way to get from the cockpit to the cargo pods without an EVA.

The new version (foreground) adds a more traditional hull, suitable for a luxury space yacht. You'll see this in 1.8 Beta 2, due out in a couple of months or so.

By George Moromisato2 March 2018

Transcendence 1.8 changes some of the core game mechanics in fundamental ways. When I first started the design for this version, I wasn't planning on making such radical changes, but now I'm glad I did. I believe these change have led to greater mechanical richness.

Sid Meier (the creator of Civilization) often says that a good game should have a "series of interesting choices." I hope you'll find these changes give you more interesting choices.


By George Moromisato10 February 2018

In 1.8 we're introducing the Minotaur class (shown here with a Sapphire and Centurion).

Though technically a light corvette, the Minotaur class can be piloted by a single person. The player will be able to buy one of these ships at a Commonwealth fortress or at Point Juno.

If they can afford it.

By George Moromisato13 January 2018

The Commonwealth dry dock has always been a placeholder. I created the original image for Korolov Shipping and just used it in the dry dock temporarily. Now I've finally updated the image to match the Commonwealth's new visual style.

The dry dock has 16 separate pressurized bays for building or repairing ships. Each bay can hold a ship up to 50 meters long.

By George Moromisato21 February 2017

Kronosaur Productions is elated to announce the release of Transcendence 1.7, the best version of our epic-scale indie space opera. This release, in development for over a year, contains major user interface, gameplay, and graphical improvements.


By George Moromisato29 October 2016

Transcendence 1.7 Beta 1 is ready!

This release furthers the Benedict storyline and reveals more details about the Penitents.


By George Moromisato28 June 2016

Transcendence 1.7 Alpha 2 is ready!

For this release we've continued to focus on gameplay improvements, including mouse controls, keyboard mapping UI, and galactic map improvements.


By George Moromisato28 April 2016

The complete series (26 episodes) is now available via YouTube. Watch as the developer of Transcendence tries to play his own game.

By George Moromisato9 February 2016

Welcome to the first alpha release of Transcendence 1.7. In the 2015 Annual Report I described 1.7 as being focused on gameplay improvements. This alpha release begins those improvements with significant changes to weapons.


By George Moromisato19 September 2015

Transcendence 1.6.2 is now ready for download!

In this version we're using DirectX 9, a modern 3D graphics API. While we're not (yet) using any 3D effects, DX9 gives us compatibility with the Steam Overlay and other add-ons.


By George Moromisato30 March 2015

Transcendence 1.6 Beta 3 is now ready for download!

This version implements the most significant graphical upgrade in the history of the game. Over the last few years I've concentrated on building up the infrastructure (e.g., the Multiverse) and creating more content (Corporate Command and Eternity Port).

Now, as development begins on Part II, I've decided to upgrade the graphics engine, and I'm very happy with the results.


By George Moromisato28 February 2015

I've spend this week working on upgrading the graphics engine for Transcendence. You can see the results for yourself.


By George Moromisato3 February 2015

Help us get on Steam by voting for us on Greenlight!

By George Moromisato21 November 2014

Today, Kronosaur Productions announces the release of Eternity Port, the latest official expansion for the indie epic game Transcendence.


By George Moromisato20 November 2014

Transcendence 1.5 RC 2 is now ready to download! This is almost certainly going to be the release build later today.

Thanks for all your feedback!

API Version 25

  • Added external= parameter for device slots
  • Added "external" display attribute for devices (so it shows up in inventory).
  • Added typGetProperty.
  • Added <LightningStorm> effect (same as paralysis effect).


  • Destination system is revealed (in galactic map) when the player sees a stargate.
  • Stations can remove devices even if they can't install them.
By George Moromisato15 November 2014

The Hercules class is a multirole ship, perfect for transporting cargo through dangerous territories. While it won't win a dogfight against a Wolfen or even a Spartan, the Hercules can easily outmaneuver an EI500.

The Hercules class was developed recently by the United African States, and has grown in popularity among independent captains in the Near Stars.

By George Moromisato13 November 2014

Transcendence 1.5 RC 1 is now ready to download!

API Version 24

  • Added +property: to item criteria.
  • Added omnidirectional property to item types.
  • waitForTarget order now takes a range and time.
  • <Station> directive now ignores encounter limits.
  • Added sovereign= parameter on <Station> to override sovereign.
  • <GetDockScreen> now expects screen, [data], priority (consistent with <GetGlobalDockScreen>).
  • Stations now repair all friendly NPC ships, not just ships of the same sovereign.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing stations in St. Katharine's Star.
  • Improved keyboard control for armor screens.
  • Armor damage indicator updates properly now.
  • Fixed bug with stations offering to install inappropriate items.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in buying/upgrading at Commonwealth Fortresses.
By George Moromisato8 November 2014

An old Ringers habitat floats high above Saturn. This is a screenshot from Eternity Port, the upcoming expansion.

By George Moromisato4 November 2014

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of Transcendence 1.5 Beta 1!

This version of the core engine is designed to support the upcoming Eternity Port expansion, but it also has many improvements for the core game, particularly for modders.


By George Moromisato18 October 2014

The Sirius star system is one of the new locations in Eternity Port. Sirius A is a bright, class-A star with a normal retinue of planets and asteroids. But several light-minutes away orbits an exotic star: Sirius B is a white dwarf with the mass of the Sun, but compressed down to the size of the Earth.


By George Moromisato14 October 2014

With a fast ship and the skills to fly it, you earn a living running dangerous missions for any sovereign who will hire you. But when a digital hyperintelligence threatens the entirety of Human Space, the only hope lies with the reclusive cyber-citizens of Eternity Port.


By George Moromisato29 August 2014

Our very own Pixelfck has written an excellent tutorial on the basics of modding.

Suitable for beginners, the tutorial creates a new player ship class (based on the Hammerhead II-class gunship), and includes best practices for creating mods of any kinds.


By George Moromisato8 August 2014

What is Transcendence? It is not a single game. Transcendence is a universe comprising several interrelated storylines, set in a vast and detailed galaxy.


By George Moromisato8 August 2014

Here's a nice mention of Transcendence at Indie Retro News:

By George Moromisato2 August 2014

Check out this review of Transcendence, plus and interview with George Moromisato:

"Managing and upgrading your ship is one of the key components to surviving each sector of space. Do you spend some of your hard earned credits on a shield upgrade, or refuel? Do you invest in a missile launcher even though you won’t be able to install it until the next level? Each decision on how you upgrade feels appropriately tense and important and the game is sure to give you a small amount of latitude in the kind of ship you want to build."

Read the whole thing at:

By George Moromisato17 July 2014

Michael Tangent's soundtrack for Transcendence was featured this week on the podcast Pod on Pod!

Each week, the podcast chooses music to feature at the end of the show, and this week they chose Michael. You can check the podcast out here:

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Pod on Pod reviews other podcasts. They are part of the ProCreate network. ProCreate is a community of artists in film, music, digital arts, and fine arts. They "help community members expand their network so they can connect and collaborate with other artists." If you guys are looking to expand your network or for fellow artists with whom you can collaborate, you should check them out.

By George Moromisato11 July 2014

A long time ago, when Transcendence was a tiny game with only a dozen weapon types, I kept a design document describing each weapon and its properties. Whenever I needed to design a new ship I just consulted the design document and picked an appropriate weapon.

And then I added more weapon types. At first I just kept the design document up to date, but eventually the system fell apart. There were too many items and too many changes. And once the design document was out of date, it was useless to me.


By George Moromisato27 June 2014

The current game mentions star systems like Centauri and Sirius. And of course, everyone wants to see what the Solar System is like in the Transcendence universe. I'm really excited to be finally implementing those systems and giving everyone a chance to visit them.


By George Moromisato21 June 2014

Kronosaur Productions is proud to announce the release of Transcendence 1.3, the latest and greatest version of the venerable game of space combat and exploration.


By George Moromisato18 June 2014

Transcendence 1.3 RC 2 is now ready for download at:


By George Moromisato11 June 2014

Transcendence 1.3 RC 1 is now ready for download at:


By George Moromisato23 May 2014

Transcendence 1.3 Beta 2 is now ready for download at:


By George Moromisato29 March 2014

We drifted towards the Dwarg settlement in silence. The light of Kinder's Star played across the struts and hull of the massive station and I could see the dark impact sites of Commonwealth missiles, scars from a battle only a few weeks before. Outsiders like me seldom get that close to the fearsome Dwarg, at least not without having to dodge xiphon cannon fire. But I wasn't there to launch an assault­—I was there to witness an ascension ceremony.

Continue reading...

By George Moromisato8 March 2014

Transcendence 1.3 Beta 1 is now ready for download at:


By George Moromisato28 November 2013

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Transcendence's first public release, I'd like to show you all the new trailer for the game. Watch it in HD and crank up the volume!

This new trailer is part of an upcoming marketing effort to promote the game, so please spread the link to anyone who might be interested.

Five Years Ago

Thinking back to the 5th anniversary of the game makes me realize how far we've come. Back then, version 1.0 had not yet been released, there was no Multiverse or Corporate Command, and I was only working on Transcendence part-time.

Five years ago I released an early version of Frontier, a precursor to Transcendence with a familiar look-and-feel. Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, Wolfy has created a new playable ship based on the Osaka class depicted in Frontier.

The Osaka Expansion is available right now on the Multiverse!

10th Anniversary Thanks

There is much for me to be thankful on this anniversary, which coincidentally lands on (US) Thanksgiving. As ever, the thing I'm most thankful for is the passion and dedication of this community. You all have made this game your own and created something much much larger than I ever envisioned.

Thank you all and happy anniversary!


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