AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Commonwealth militia rankLieutenant

Corporate privateer rankSenior Security Officer


Domina relationshipCurate

FateDestroyed by the explosion of a Goron monitor wreck in the Kayra System


GenderHuman male

Korolov rankLegend

Money (credits)373661

Money (yuan)92508


Ship classManticore-class heavy gunship

Time played22 hours and 58 minutes


achievements & regrets

Became Legendary Hero of the Arena

Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping

Defeated the Kronosaurus

Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents

Defended Raisu Station from Centauri warlord attack

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Destroyed Centauri settlement in Eridani

Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system

Destroyed the Silla anomaly

Discovered the Tau Ceti anomaly

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Killed Arco Vaughn in Eridani

Lost Volkov

Made contact with Stormhound

Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market


Enemy ships destroyed1781

Enemy stations destroyed217

Friendly ships destroyed15


Profit on arms152047

Profit on goods and materials104410

Profit on illegal items30115

Profit on luxury goods16630

Profit on medical supplies3786

Profit on ship's equipment33465

Tons of ore mined3

Value of mined resources105


Game resurrections4

Never bought life insurance

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never used Pilgrims' Aid

damage sustained

blast plate14743

heavy mark I Novaya armor8040

medium mark I Novaya armor321

enemy ships destroyed

Revenant-class destroyer1

Manticore-class heavy gunship4

Wraith-class heavy gunship7

Urak destroyer1

Sapphire-class yacht2

Charon frigate7

Drake-class chimera2

Atonement-class heavy gunship1

Evren-class heavy gunship2

Revelations-class missileship8

Anika-class heavy gunship1

Centurion-class heavy gunship1

EI500-class freighter3

Sotho-class heavy gunship2

Viking-class chimera16

Wolfen/C-class gunship1

Goron monitor3

T55-class armed transport8

Barbary-class gunship1

Meth enforcer10

Repentant-class gunship2

Ronin/C-class gunship11

Oromo II-class heavy gunship3

Borer II-class gunship6

Eldritch-class gunship22

Viking II-class gunship10

Zoanthrope raider12

Marauder raid platform3

Drake-class missileship13

Earthzone-class chimera1

Plague-class gunship31

medium IAV2

EI200-class freighter1

Heliotrope gunship21

200A defender auton1

Demir-class gunship7

Urak sentinel87

Earthzone 1200-class gunship43

T31-class armed transport8

Oromo-class heavy gunship17

TR-200-class defender10

light IAV13

Centauri heavy raider10

Viking-class gunship140

Ronin/B-class gunship25

Hornet-class chimera4

Corsair II-class gunship75

Hammerhead II-class gunship7

Likho-class heavy gunship7

Ronin/A-class gunship12

Zulu II-class gunship12

Sirin 3B-class gunship4

Himal interceptor207

EI100-class freighter5

Hornet-class battlepod342

Borer-class gunship35

Earthzone 100-class armed shuttle39

Hammerhead-class gunship18

Corsair-class gunship308

Goron swift3

Zulu-class gunship22

Sirin 3A-class gunship8

TA3-class sentinel12

Centauri raider81

enemy stations destroyed

level 5 outlaw mine1

Resurrector outpost2

container habitat3

Death Drug Cartel outpost2

level 4 outlaw mine1

Marauder compound1

Marauder outpost2

Sapiens compound2

Urak fortress1

Anarchist settlement6

Centauri warlord settlement6

Charon Pirates stronghold19

Curators vault2

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Goron lair2

Heliotrope outpost8

level 3 outlaw mine7

outlaw haven5

Sapiens outpost6

Urak mine5

Abbasid outpost26

Anarchist gathering34

Arco Vaughn's container habitat1

Centauri warlord stronghold2

Charon Pirates outpost7

level 2 outlaw mine3

outlaw base3

Urak outpost12

Anarchist habitat5

Centauri warlord camp9

Charon Pirates cache11

Curators outpost2

Himal refuge17

outlaw camp3


Systems visited19

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Point Juno

Never reached Heretic

Never left Human Space


Corporate Command

Near Stars Expansion

Osaka Playership

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

advanced taubeam cannon [+40%]

Akan 600 turret

Burak missile launcher [+40%]

Novaya armor repairer [+30%]

2 segments of blast plate [+50%]

4 segments of blast plate [+40%]

150NX reactor

smuggler's cargo hold

solar panel array

Uzun targeting scanner

final items

155 Burak600 missiles

2 class B excavation pods

2 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

497 Akan 30 cannon shell cartridges

hexagene booster

Space Command identification chip

70 helium┬│ reactor assemblies

71 Burak400 missiles

Commonwealth military identification chip

6 class A excavation pods

black market identification chip

portable analyzer

portable analyzer

data ROM

friendly ships destroyed

Molotok/A-class heavy gunship1

Kaiten-class gunship1

Salvager Nomad11


EI100-class freighter1

items installed

150NX reactor

advanced taubeam cannon

Akan 600 turret

blast plate

Nova-50 reactor

smuggler's cargo hold

heavy mark I Novaya armor

medium mark I Novaya armor

Nova-25 reactor

Novaya armor repairer

Rasiermesser SmartCannon

solar panel array

Uzun targeting scanner

Burak missile launcher

cannon accelerator

heavy recoilless cannon

Nova-15 reactor

missions & activities

Commonwealth habitat missions1

Commonwealth militia missions6

Corporate privateer missions20

Gladiator fights10

Korolov shipping missions7 (1 failed)

Mining colony missions6

Money donated to Sisters of Domina903 credits

Money earned on missions95,100 credits

Psionics offered to Domina18

ore mined

titanium ore3

powers invoked


ships used

Manticore-class heavy gunship

weapons fired

advanced taubeam cannon3729

Akan 600 turret1204

Burak600 missile169

Burak500 missile297

Burak400 missile1491

Burak300 missile141

Rasiermesser SmartCannon6714

Burak missile launcher2321

Burak200 missile223

heavy recoilless cannon887

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