AdventureEternity Port

CDM shard level6

Commonwealth militia rankMajor


FateDestroyed by a Luminous drone in the Oromarch System


GenderHuman male

Money (credits)211300

Money (euros)5403

Money (rin)56348

Money (yuan)182010


Ship classSpartan-class heavy gunship

Time played7 hours and 13 minutes


achievements & regrets

Allowed Rama to meet his destiny

Befriended the Huari

Delivered arms to Asian Pacific Directorate

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Extracted data about project Grey Wolf

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Helped Lilith increase her powers

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Resurrected Lilith

Visited Tranquility Base


Enemy ships destroyed1001

Enemy stations destroyed105

Friendly ships destroyed58


Profit on arms580879

Profit on goods and materials205209

Profit on illegal items1800

Profit on luxury goods23719

Profit on medical supplies9408


Honored permadeath

Insurance claims1

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never used Pilgrims' Aid

criminal record

Fined 5,000 credits by the United African States

damage sustained

diamond lattice armor2080

advanced ithalium armor769

nanoforged carbide armor1386

nanoforged orthosteel armor1151

light Gusoku armor4

Trenton field generator6778

blast plate1676

nanoforged blast plate3561

light blast plate308

Yoroi S100 shield generator322

heavy reactive armor103

nanoforged titanium armor493

class II deflector53

enemy ships destroyed

Dreaming nomad2

Ferian warrior5

Ranx dreadnought2

Polar-class freighter1

Luminous soldier2

Tripoli-class destroyer5

Sandstorm-class gunship19

Luminous drone6

Wraith-class heavy gunship8

Dreaming raider11

Urak destroyer1

Centurion-class heavy gunship1

Goron behemoth4

Mammoth frigate1

Sung transport1

Xenophobe fighter2

Steel slaver13

Charon frigate3

Atonement-class heavy gunship7

Revelations-class missileship4

1M battle auton4

Ranx gunship42

Goron monitor5

Barbary-class gunship22

Earthzone 5000-class missileship1

Meth enforcer7

Ronin/C-class gunship6

Oromo II-class heavy gunship6

Cavebear raider7

Borer II-class gunship8

Eldritch-class gunship18

Viking II-class gunship78

Zoanthrope raider3

Marauder raid platform6

Drake-class missileship5

Plague-class gunship23

medium IAV1

Wind slaver100

Demir-class gunship14

Urak sentinel17

Earthzone 1200-class gunship18

T31-class armed transport9

light IAV1

Oromo-class heavy gunship4

TR-200-class defender8

Viking-class gunship68

Ronin/B-class gunship20

Corsair II-class gunship44

Hammerhead II-class gunship13

Sabertooth raider20

Hornet-class battlepod92

Borer-class gunship37

Earthzone 100-class armed shuttle8

Hammerhead-class gunship13

Corsair-class gunship123

Goron soldier8

Goron swift25

Zulu-class gunship9

TA3-class sentinel6

Centauri raider4

enemy stations destroyed

Dreaming Nexus1

Resurrector cathedral1

Ares outpost1

Penitent monastery1

Resurrector sanctum1

Rogue Fleet cache1

Sung citadel1

Sung fortress7

level 5 outlaw mine2

Luminous Assembler1

Resurrector outpost2

Sung research laboratory1

container habitat1

Death Drug Cartel outpost3

First Hunters settlement2

Marauder outpost1

Sung slave camp7

Anarchist settlement2

Centauri warlord settlement3

Charon Pirates stronghold5

Goron lair6

level 3 outlaw mine1

Sapiens outpost2

Urak mine2

Abbasid outpost3

Anarchist gathering16

Charon Pirates outpost14

First Hunters outpost1

level 2 outlaw mine2

outlaw base1

Urak outpost2

Anarchist habitat2

Charon Pirates cache9


Systems visited21

Never reached Terminus


Osaka Playership

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

IM90 multitarget blaster

Nomad blaster

Takao launcher

Trenton field generator [+particle +blast]

2 segments of diamond lattice armor [+ion]

segment of diamond lattice armor [+ion]

segment of advanced ithalium armor [+ion]

Koshiba-500 reactor

3 Longreach I autocannons

CDM shard

final items

52 Shinyo missiles

cerusite crystal

2 gems of contrition

7 tritium injectors

17 pteracnium fuel rods

2 molbidium field crystals

7 ion power capacitors

superlattice field crystal

2 patch spiders

3 longzhu spheres

3 trillum field crystals

5 diamond field crystals

Scramble1.5 algorithm cube

3 hexagene boosters

3 xenotite fuel rods

engineering analyzer

engineering analyzer

green etherium field crystal

optical knowledge array

ShieldOverdrive v3.1.8 algorithm cube

Space Command identification chip

UAS Fleet identification chip

2 rubidium field crystals

3 particle source upgrades

Commonwealth military identification chip

neural processor

weapon efficiency ROM

targeting program ROM

3 defective visual display ROMs

3 shield enhancement ROMs

3 visual display enhancement ROMs

9 kinetic upgrades

black market identification chip

2 autopilot ROMs

6 silicarb field crystals

friendly ships destroyed

heavy IAV18

Armstrong-class transport4

Ferian miner25

medium IAV5

Salvager Nomad4

T31-class armed transport1

Zulu II-class gunship1

items installed

diamond lattice armor

IM90 multitarget blaster

advanced ithalium armor

Nomad blaster

Fusionfire howitzer

Koshiba-500 reactor

nanoforged carbide armor

nanoforged orthosteel armor

advanced Kuma repeater

light Gusoku armor

Longreach I autocannon

mark V howitzer

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

Trenton field generator

150NX reactor

blast plate

nanoforged blast plate

patch spider

dual Flenser cannon

light blast plate

particle beam turret

Yoroi S100 shield generator

ICX missile defense turret

patcher arm

proton drill

Takao launcher

heavy reactive armor

miner's cargo hold

nanoforged titanium armor

class II deflector

heavy recoilless cannon

Nova-15 reactor

CDM shard

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions14

Mining colony missions4

Money earned on missions132,600 credits

Slaves freed84

ore mined

molybdenum ore1

platinum ore2

xenotite ore17

cobalt-thorium ore89

niobium ore3

helium regolith1

uranium ore212

titanium ore5

powers invoked

Jettison Hack4


Disarm Hack37

Data Extraction Hack1

ships used

Spartan-class heavy gunship

weapons fired

IM90 multitarget blaster316

Nomad blaster275

Shinyo missile48

Fusionfire howitzer116

Kairyu missile282

advanced Kuma repeater1248

mark V howitzer305

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster4968

T-105 missile193

dual Flenser cannon1194

particle beam turret5194

Longreach I autocannon2263

proton drill3051

T-11 missile1002

Takao launcher1525

heavy recoilless cannon339

laser cannon2469

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