AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateDestroyed by an Imperator-class destroyer in the Cerlunnos System


GenomeHuman female

Money (credits)140777

Money (euros)31312

Money (rin)9098

Money (yuan)50813


Ship classHercules-class transport

Time played13 hours and 26 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Resurrected Lilith


Enemy ships destroyed1347

Enemy stations destroyed140

Friendly ships destroyed21


Profit on arms301212

Profit on goods and materials89634

Profit on illegal items675

Profit on luxury goods33838

Profit on medical supplies12622


Honored permadeath

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

orthosteel armor827

advanced ceralloy armor405

nanoforged Duralloy armor1388

Ceratops 5T quasi-armor20746

Yoroi S500 shield generator15662

nanoforged plasteel armor2305

class III deflector4202

light plasteel armor12

monopole deflector screen558

reactive armor180

class I deflector138

enemy ships destroyed

Luminous soldier1

Hurin-class destroyer3

Luminous drone4

Wraith-class heavy gunship5

Urak destroyer23

Goron behemoth1

Evren-class heavy gunship1

Mammoth frigate4

Charon frigate2

Steel slaver2

Akuma-class heavy gunship1

Luminous messenger1

Heliotrope destroyer3

Goron monitor5

Barbary-class gunship21

Meth enforcer8

Ronin/C-class gunship7

Sotho-class heavy gunship11

Drake-class missileship16

Cavebear raider39

Revelations-class missileship1

Zoanthrope raider11

Eldritch-class gunship52

Marauder raid platform7

Wind slaver93

Plague-class gunship6

Heliotrope gunship6

Demir-class gunship11

Kaiten-class gunship22

Urak sentinel74

Viking II-class gunship97

Oromo-class gunship6

T31-class armed transport4

Viking-class gunship53

Centauri heavy raider3

Corsair II-class gunship46

Ronin/B-class gunship15

Hammerhead II-class gunship12

Borer II-class gunship25

Zulu II-class gunship23

Himal interceptor1

Sabertooth raider166

Hornet-class battlepod95

Borer-class gunship26

Earthzone-class armed shuttle7

Hammerhead-class gunship19

Corsair-class gunship211

Goron soldier10

Goron swift13

Zulu-class gunship38

TA3-class sentinel24

Centauri raider12

enemy stations destroyed

Resurrector sanctum1

Sung fortress2

Heliotrope colony2

Luminous Assembler1

outlaw duranium mine3

Resurrector outpost6

Death Drug Cartel outpost5

Dwarg colony2

First Hunters settlement4

Marauder compound6

Marauder outpost4

outlaw ceralloy mine2

Sung slave camp7

Urak fortress8

Anarchist settlement1

Charon Pirates stronghold7

Goron lair5

outlaw haven4

outlaw palladium mine10

Sapiens camp1

Urak mine3

Abbasid outpost2

Anarchist gathering16

Centauri warlord stronghold2

Charon Pirates outpost6

First Hunters outpost10

Himal refuge1

outlaw base1

outlaw camp3

outlaw titanium mine8

Urak outpost4

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache2


Systems visited15

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Oromarch

Never reached Terminus

final equipment

enhanced omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster [+Fast]

mark III howitzer

enhanced Yoroi S500 shield generator [+20%]

3 enhanced segments of orthosteel armor [+Regen]

3 enhanced segments of nanoforged Duralloy armor [+Particle]

SN2500 reactor

Titan 440 fusion drive

ICX missile defense turret

particle accelerator

cargo hold expansion

CDM shard

final items

2 tons of neutronium ore

2 Luminous 5care algorithms

damaged IO25 Taran cannon

decayed etherium field crystal

molbidium field crystal

5 tons of orthosteel ore

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

green etherium field crystal

patch spider

21 tons of duranium ore

5 Commonwealth Medals of Distinction

5 xenotite fuel rods

65 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

damaged Shuriken neutron blaster

damaged Yoroi S100 shield generator

engineering analyzer

Space Command identification chip

UAS Fleet identification chip

15 heliumĀ³ reactor assemblies

2 particle source upgrades

5 barrels of degenerating nanos

Commonwealth military identification chip

damaged particle beam weapon

military map ROM

3 targeting program ROMs

4 barrels of particle resistance coating

barrel of decon gel

barrel of repairing nanos

weapon optimizer ROM

2 shield enhancement ROMs

4 system map ROMs

black market identification chip

friendly ships destroyed

Salvager Nomad11

T31-class armed transport3

light IAV1

EI200-class freighter1

Zulu-class gunship5

items installed

orthosteel armor

advanced ceralloy armor

nanoforged Duralloy armor

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

SN2500 reactor

150NX reactor

Ceratops 5T quasi-armor

mark III howitzer

patch spider

Titan 440 fusion drive

Yoroi S500 shield generator

Kuma repeater

nanoforged plasteel armor

Nova-100 reactor

Urak howitzer

advanced reactive armor

class III deflector

heavy Urak armor

ICX missile defense turret

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon

particle accelerator

polyceramic armor

Archura launcher

light plasteel armor

monopole deflector screen

NAMI missile launcher

nanoforged titanium armor

tritium propulsion upgrade

cannon accelerator

cargo hold expansion

heavy recoilless cannon

reactive armor

CDM shard

class I deflector

laser collimator

recoilless cannon

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions6

Money earned on missions57951

Slaves freed40

weapons fired

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster18709

mark III howitzer387

Kuma repeater25

Urak howitzer2189

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon10420

A4 Grom bolt25

Archura launcher25

NAMI missile launcher341

heavy recoilless cannon240

KM100 Longbow missile341

laser cannon1182

recoilless cannon2

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