AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Black Market rankSindikat member

Commonwealth Fleet rankFleet commander

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

Domina relationshipNovice

FateDestroyed by a Phobos-class dreadnought in the Eta Ceti System


GenderHuman male

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)184632

Money (rin)12837


Ship classMinotaur-class corvette

Time played1 day and 7 hours


achievements & regrets

Became Legendary Hero of the Arena

Declined Rama's company

Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents

Destroyed Benedict's autons in 4 minutes and 40 seconds

Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Liberated Raisu station

Made contact with Stormhound

Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists


Enemy ships destroyed2172

Enemy stations destroyed115

Friendly ships destroyed13


Profit on arms546218

Profit on goods and materials407176

Profit on illegal items235028

Profit on luxury goods19779

Profit on medical supplies138250

Profit on slave sales19125


Honored permadeath

Insurance claims3

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

R9 deflector48734

Mammoth 50MW deflector56001

super-heavy blast plate55601

Mammoth 25MW deflector2248

R5 deflector21983

heavy plasteel armor3457

advanced reactive armor33

Cyclotron S1200 deflector7199

light plasteel armor246

monopole deflector screen3922

class II deflector627

enemy ships destroyed

Gaian processor1

Cometfall-class missileship1

Ventari destroyer6

Tundra-class heavy gunship16

Excruciator-class destroyer1

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship3

Polar-class freighter9

Ares sentry13

Zoanthrope behemoth4

Hurin-class destroyer7

Kobol gunship3

Earth Slaver14

Sandstorm-class gunship279

Manticore-class heavy gunship4

Dwarg master24

Luminous drone59

Centurion-class heavy gunship14

Urak destroyer34

Wolfen-class gunship1

Steel slaver66

Atonement-class heavy gunship36

Revelations-class missileship6

heavy IAV2

Ranx gunship50

Heliotrope frigate4

EI500-class freighter2

Charon frigate2

T55-class armed transport3

Barbary-class gunship4

Repentant-class gunship70

Sotho-class heavy gunship9

Meth enforcer48

Ronin/C-class gunship4

Zoanthrope raider237

Viking II-class gunship79

Wind slaver190

Sapphire-class yacht2

Drake-class missileship11

Plague-class gunship20

EI200-class freighter1

Heliotrope gunship13

Marauder raid platform5

200A defender auton1

Urak sentinel112

Oromo-class heavy gunship3

T31-class armed transport5

Centauri heavy raider2

Viking-class gunship129

Ronin/B-class gunship2

Corsair II-class gunship81

Borer II-class gunship18

Hammerhead II-class gunship22

Ronin/A-class gunship8

Zulu II-class gunship6

EI100-class freighter5

Himal interceptor3

medium IAV2

Hornet-class battlepod101

Borer-class gunship15

Earthzone-class armed shuttle13

Hammerhead-class gunship11

light IAV4

Corsair-class gunship213

TA3-class sentinel13

Centauri raider46

enemy stations destroyed

pteravore lair1

Ares commune2

Kobol warlord camp3

Luminous Assembler2

Ares outpost6

Ranx outpost2

Rogue Fleet cache2

Dwarg fortress3

outlaw pteracnium mine1

Penitent sanctum7

Sung citadel1

Sung fortress3

Dwarg colony4

Heliotrope colony1

outlaw duranium mine1

Penitent shrine10

Death Drug Cartel outpost6

Marauder compound2

Marauder outpost3

outlaw ceralloy mine1

Sapiens compound2

Sung slave camp7

Urak fortress5

Anarchist settlement4

Charon Pirates stronghold6

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Heliotrope outpost1

outlaw haven1

outlaw palladium mine2

Urak mine3

Abbasid outpost3

Anarchist gathering4

Arco Vaughn's container habitat1

Charon Pirates outpost2

outlaw titanium mine2

Urak outpost1

Centauri warlord camp5

Charon Pirates cache4


Systems visited27

Never reached the Galactic Core


The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

advanced tritium cannon [+10%]

Katana star cannon [+fast +75%]

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

R9 deflector [+30%]

2 segments of super-heavy blast plate [+regen]

3 segments of super-heavy blast plate [+regen]

segment of super-heavy blast plate

Koshiba-500 reactor [+enhanced]

Bushido weapon enhancer

transpace jumpdrive

smuggler's cargo hold

final items

25 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

3 cases of Bariani olive oil

33 S3 Medusa missiles

80 Ares Warhammer nukes

precision ithalium watch

segment of advanced ithalium armor

2 advanced analyzers

3 gems of contrition

advanced analyzer

advanced analyzer

Red Strelka ammunition box

10 gems of despair

3 promethium crystals

97 pteracnium fuel rods

Ares Campaign Ribbon

Bushido weapon enhancer

dual TeV 9 blaster

inertialess drive

ion disruptor

Longreach I autocannon

Neuros personal media player

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

2 patch spiders

4 longzhu spheres

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

high-speed howitzer loader

Scramble1.5 algorithm cube

Titan 440 fusion drive

4 hexagene boosters

41 tons of pteracnium ore

96 xenotite fuel rods

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

engineering analyzer

engineering analyzer

gram of unlicensed cancer dust

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Makayev weapon enhancer

particle accelerator

2 military map ROMs

30 superconducting coils

33 heliumĀ³ reactor assemblies

Commonwealth military identification chip

particle source upgrade

14 KM500 Stiletto missiles

black market identification chip

cannon accelerator

system map ROM

5 heliumĀ³ fuel rods

friendly ships destroyed

Britannia-class heavy gunship2

Centurion/M-class heavy gunship1

Molotok/A-class heavy gunship2

Ferian miner2

Zoanthrope raider4

EI500-class freighter1

Ronin/B-class gunship1

items installed

advanced tritium cannon

Koshiba-500 reactor

R9 deflector

Bushido weapon enhancer

inertialess drive

Katana star cannon

Mammoth 50MW deflector

NM900 external missile pod

transpace jumpdrive

high-speed howitzer loader

Mammoth 25MW deflector

patch spider

Titan 440 fusion drive

dual x-ray laser cannon

heavy plasteel armor

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Makayev weapon enhancer

Nova-100 reactor

omnidirectional x-ray laser

particle beam turret

Urak howitzer

advanced reactive armor

Cyclotron S1200 deflector

Dwarg xiphon cannon

Nova-50 reactor

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon

smuggler's cargo hold

CLAW cannon

light plasteel armor

miner's cargo hold

monopole deflector screen

NAMI missile launcher

class II deflector

dual laser cannon

omnidirectional laser cannon

Nova-10 reactor

missions & activities

Agricultural colony missions1

Commonwealth habitat missions3

Commonwealth militia missions6

CSC missions12 (1 failed)

Gladiator fights11

Korolov shipping missions8 (1 failed)

Mining colony missions1

Money earned on missions41900

Psionics offered to Domina3

Slaves freed36

Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet625

weapons fired

advanced tritium cannon10324

Katana star cannon16139

mark V howitzer2575

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster16501

dual x-ray laser cannon547

omnidirectional x-ray laser9336

particle beam turret176

Urak howitzer402

Dwarg xiphon cannon405

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon1858

CLAW cannon1

KM500 Stiletto missile89

NAMI missile launcher99

dual laser cannon586

KM100 Longbow missile10

omnidirectional laser cannon1498

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