AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Commonwealth Fleet rankEnsign

Commonwealth militia rankMajor

Corporate privateer rankSpecial Agent


Domina relationshipPatriarch

FateLeft Human Space on a journey to the Galactic Core


GenderHuman male

Insured byClavius Insurance Conglomerate

Korolov rankApprentice

Money (credits)1481555

Money (euros)11737

Money (rin)279472

Money (yuan)29310


Ship classMinotaur-class corvette

Time played14 hours and 50 minutes


achievements & regrets

Became Defender of the Huari

Befriended the Huari

Defended Korolov Shipping in the Charon system

Defended Point Juno

Defended the CSC Antarctica

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Destroyed Cyclops Lab X05

Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system

Discovered the Cygni anomaly

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Raided Cyclops Corporation headquarters

Recovered Project Lamplighter prototype

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists

Visited the Huari temple in Huaramarca


Enemy ships destroyed2680

Enemy stations destroyed251

Friendly ships destroyed30


Profit on arms543958

Profit on goods and materials1690247

Profit on illegal items10285

Profit on luxury goods155028

Profit on medical supplies7363


Honored permadeath

Never claimed life insurance

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never used Pilgrims' Aid

criminal record

Fined 24,000 credits by the North Atlantic Union

damage sustained

massive Iocrym armor1413

massive octocarbide armor1877

Dvalin armor8450

Mammoth 100MW deflector89611

advanced ceralloy armor1393

super-heavy blast plate1700

blast plate164

R5 deflector9430

Yoroi S500 shield generator7843

heavy mark II Novaya armor41

Yoroi S100 shield generator3897

class III deflector1280

plasteel armor298

Cyclotron S10 deflector571

enemy ships destroyed

Iocrym command ship1

Phobos-class dreadnought5

Iocrym sentinel17

Huygens-class explorer1

Xenophobe worldship1

Aquila-class cruiser3

Gaian processor1

Dreaming nomad2

Deimos-class destroyer4

Chasm-class heavy gunship9

Cometfall-class missileship7

Omnithor hunter-killer3

Dragon Slaver1

Ventari destroyer6

Revenant-class destroyer6

Tundra-class heavy gunship31

Ranx dreadnought6

Ares advanced sentry22

Ares dual sentry6

Lumiere destroyer13

Kobol gunship6

Polar-class freighter11

Omnithor heavy gunship3

Ares sentry21

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship7

Tripoli-class destroyer2

Zoanthrope behemoth1

Earth Slaver26

Xenophobe defender5

Aurochs-class transport1

Omnithor gunship12

Sandstorm-class gunship359

Dwarg master8

Manticore-class heavy gunship1

Akuma-class heavy gunship1

Luminous drone16

Wraith-class heavy gunship14

Dreaming raider30

Troglav-class frigate6

Urak destroyer13

Sotho II-class heavy gunship1

Borer III-class gunship4

TMA-9-class battle auton4

Centurion-class heavy gunship18

Goron behemoth1

Sung transport5

Xenophobe fighter10

Steel slaver61

Charon frigate1

Atonement-class heavy gunship9

Ronin/C-class chimera77

Revelations-class missileship6

Ranx gunship110

Heliotrope frigate23

Raijin-class heavy gunship1

Lumiere battle auton37

T55-class armed transport3

Barbary-class gunship18

Earthzone 5000-class missileship1

Meth enforcer17

Repentant-class gunship19

Ronin/C-class gunship18

Oromo II-class heavy gunship5

Cavebear raider3

Lumiere sentinel41

Borer II-class gunship6

Eldritch-class gunship41

Viking II-class gunship77

Zoanthrope raider143

Marauder raid platform7

Drake-class missileship11

Earthzone-class chimera1

Plague-class gunship12

Heliotrope gunship43

Wind slaver333

Demir-class gunship3

Likho-class heavy gunship45

Urak sentinel116

Earthzone 1200-class gunship5

Kaiten-class gunship9

T31-class armed transport3

Oromo-class heavy gunship5

TR-200-class defender14

Centauri heavy raider4

Viking-class gunship58

Ronin/B-class gunship25

Hornet-class chimera6

Corsair II-class gunship74

Hammerhead II-class gunship5

Zulu II-class gunship4

Sirin 3B-class gunship17

Himal interceptor83

Sabertooth raider11

Hornet-class battlepod136

Borer-class gunship15

Earthzone 100-class armed shuttle19

Hammerhead-class gunship5

Corsair-class gunship97

Goron soldier1

Goron swift3

Zulu-class gunship11

Sirin 3A-class gunship2

TA3-class sentinel8

Centauri raider41

enemy stations destroyed

pteravore lair4

Cyclops Lab X051

Ares commune4

Ares shipyard3

Omnithor settlement1

Kobol warlord outpost1

Luminous Assembler1

Ranx fortress3

Resurrector cathedral1

Rogue Fleet settlement3

Ares outpost3

Penitent monastery1

Ranx outpost2

Resurrector sanctum4

Sung citadel7

Ventari colony3

Dwarg fortress1

level 6 outlaw mine3

Lumiere stronghold7

Penitent sanctum2

Sung fortress23

Curators stronghold6

Cyclops Corporation HQ1

Dwarg colony14

Heliotrope colony7

Marauder stronghold8

Penitent shrine3

Resurrector outpost3

container habitat1

Death Drug Cartel outpost7

First Hunters settlement1

Lumiere outpost4

Marauder outpost1

Sapiens compound1

Sung slave camp7

Urak fortress8

Anarchist settlement4

Charon Pirates stronghold7

Curators vault3

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Heliotrope outpost2

level 3 outlaw mine2

outlaw haven1

Sapiens outpost1

Urak mine8

Abbasid outpost10

Anarchist gathering9

Charon Pirates outpost7

First Hunters outpost1

level 2 outlaw mine2

outlaw base1

Urak outpost9

Anarchist habitat4

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache13

Curators outpost3

Himal refuge9

outlaw camp3


Systems visited51

Left Human Space


Corporate Command

Near Stars Expansion

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

omnidirectional thermo cannon [+150%]

omnidirectional thermo cannon [+200%]

Rasiermesser launcher [+20%]

Mammoth 100MW deflector [+150%]

3 segments of massive Iocrym armor [+30%]

2 segments of massive octocarbide armor [+50%]

segment of massive octocarbide armor [+30%]

Hyperion reactor [+enhanced]

lithium booster

thermo shell nanofac

transpace jumpdrive

NAMI auton bay

final items

346 Quantumsphere shells

gem of sacrifice

Iocrym Avalanche cannon

2 segments of light Iocrym armor

2 Iocrym Fracture cannons

150 Gotha-400 seekers

3 Iocrym veils

80 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

2 advanced analyzers

2 portable autodocs

advanced analyzer

advanced analyzer

gem of contrition

Ares Campaign Ribbon

gem of despair

Longreach I autocannon

14 longzhu spheres

1M/i battle auton named "B2"

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

Lumiere battle auton named "L1"

Lumiere battle auton named "L2"

Lumiere battle auton named "L3"

Lumiere battle auton named "L4"

Lumiere battle auton named "L5"

patch spider

1312 Akan 30 cannon shell cartridges

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Space Command identification chip

300D defender auton named "D1"

310A aegis auton named "AG1"

Commonwealth military identification chip

military map ROM

3 system map ROMs

black market identification chip

friendly ships destroyed

Britannia-class heavy gunship6

Centurion/M-class heavy gunship3

Armstrong-class transport2

Scarab-class superfreighter1

310A Aegis auton1

300D defender auton1

Ferian miner1

EI500-class freighter1

Zoanthrope raider11


Ronin/B-class gunship2

items installed

massive Iocrym armor

massive octocarbide armor

Dvalin armor

Dvalin Ion9 cannon

Hyperion reactor

Koshiba-500 reactor

lithium booster

Mammoth 100MW deflector

omnidirectional thermo cannon

Rasiermesser launcher

side-mounted mark V howitzer

thermo shell nanofac

advanced ceralloy armor

Longreach I autocannon

mark V howitzer

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

side-mounted light ion blaster

SN2500 reactor

super-heavy blast plate

transpace jumpdrive

Akan 600 turret

blast plate

high-speed howitzer loader

mark I howitzer turret

R5 deflector

Yoroi S500 shield generator

heavy mark II Novaya armor

Makayev weapon enhancer

Nova-100 reactor

Yoroi S100 shield generator

class III deflector

NAMI auton bay

Nova-50 reactor

plasteel armor

smuggler's cargo hold

Takao launcher

Moskva 11 light turret

NAMI missile launcher

Nova-15 reactor

Cyclotron S10 deflector

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions10

Corporate privateer missions9

CSC missions18 (1 failed)

Huari Empire missions7

Money donated to Sisters of Domina1,000 credits

Money earned on missions194,868 credits

Psionics offered to Domina86

Slaves freed2

powers invoked

Desperate Escape1

Circle of Wrath1



Nebular Sight7



ships used

Constellation-class freighter

Minotaur-class corvette

weapons fired

Dvalin Ion9 cannon2452

Gotha-400 seeker837

Gotha-10 missile39

Kairyu missile257

omnidirectional thermo cannon8715

Rasiermesser launcher876

side-mounted mark V howitzer1020

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster1978

side-mounted light ion blaster1898

mark I howitzer turret5560

T-105 missile122

Longreach I autocannon4164

T-11 missile77

Takao launcher456

KM110 Starburst missile26

KM500 Stiletto missile18

Moskva 11 light turret2175

NAMI missile launcher278

KM100 Longbow missile234

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