AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth Fleet rankFleet captain

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateSelf-destructed in the Taranis System


GenomeHuman male

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)492136

Money (euros)349

Money (rin)52847

Money (yuan)819800


Ship classRaijin-class heavy gunship

Time played22 hours and 33 minutes

Version1.6 Beta 4

achievements & regrets

Defeated Luminous

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Helped Lilith increase her powers

Helped Strawman to return safely

Met Failsafe

Obtained data ROM for Strawman

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists

Resurrected Lilith


Enemy ships destroyed1646

Enemy stations destroyed283

Friendly ships destroyed79

Friendly stations destroyed15


Profit on arms696041

Profit on goods and materials773187

Profit on luxury goods59037

Profit on medical supplies4835


Game resurrections49

damage sustained

diamond lattice armor4498

heavy orthosteel armor3175

Kaidun shield generator34021

light ithalium armor2169

Mammoth 100MW deflector21122

mark II Omsk deflector37449

medium Omsk armor3569

orthosteel armor1510

advanced ceralloy armor1561

heavy blast plate979

Ceratops 5T quasi-armor19219

heavy ceralloy armor467

light Omsk armor654

heavy plasteel armor368

Nephren P25 shield generator16333

plasteel armor615

light plasteel armor952

class II deflector4132

enemy ships destroyed


Phobos-class dreadnought3

Luminous hunter-killer1

Dreaming nomad3

Deimos-class destroyer3

Chasm-class heavy gunship12

Cometfall-class missileship3

Ventari destroyer11

Ferian warrior23

Polar II-class freighter5

Tundra-class heavy gunship21

Revenant-class destroyer5

Ranx dreadnought2

Ares sentry35

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship6

Polar-class freighter6

Zoanthrope behemoth6

Hurin-class destroyer5

Xenophobe defender4

Kobol gunship7

Sandstorm-class gunship295

Dwarg master13

Luminous drone186

Wraith-class heavy gunship11

Dreaming raider18

Urak destroyer11

Centurion-class heavy gunship28

Goron behemoth2

Evren-class heavy gunship6

Sung transport1

Xenophobe fighter7

Mammoth frigate3

Charon frigate1

Atonement-class heavy gunship18

Revelations-class missileship5

Steel slaver4

Akuma-class heavy gunship1

Ranx gunship38

Scarab-class superfreighter1

Heliotrope frigate2

Repentant-class gunship33

Goron monitor2

T55-class armed transport4

Barbary-class gunship10

Meth enforcer30

Ronin/C-class gunship8

Sotho-class heavy gunship8

Drake-class missileship7

Cavebear raider9

Ferian miner30

Zoanthrope raider104

Eldritch-class gunship59

Marauder raid platform4

Wind slaver75

Plague-class gunship16

Heliotrope gunship22

Demir-class gunship8

Kaiten-class gunship3

Urak sentinel33

Viking II-class gunship74

Oromo-class gunship6

T31-class armed transport1

Viking-class gunship26

Corsair II-class gunship19

Ronin/B-class gunship12

Hammerhead II-class gunship5

Borer II-class gunship29

Zulu II-class gunship5

Sabertooth raider40

Hornet-class battlepod40

Borer-class gunship4

Earthzone-class armed shuttle5

Hammerhead-class gunship5

Corsair-class gunship59

Goron soldier5

Goron swift11

Zulu-class gunship7

TA3-class sentinel10

Centauri raider5

enemy stations destroyed

Ares commune6

Ares shipyard2

Dreaming Nexus3


Kobol warlord camp1

Luminous Assembler14

Luminous Sentinel63

Ranx fortress1

Rogue Fleet settlement3

Ares outpost9

Penitent sanctum10

Ranx outpost2

Resurrector sanctum3

Rogue Fleet cache4

Ventari colony4

Dwarg fortress3

Huari fortress3

outlaw pteracnium mine1

Sung fortress3

Heliotrope colony1

Luminous Extractor51

outlaw duranium mine3

Penitent shrine6

Resurrector outpost4

Sung research laboratory1

Death Drug Cartel outpost7

Dwarg colony12

First Hunters settlement1

Marauder compound4

Marauder outpost3

outlaw ceralloy mine1

Sapiens compound4

Sung slave camp1

Urak fortress4

Charon Pirates stronghold3

Goron lair2

Heliotrope outpost2

outlaw haven1

outlaw palladium mine2

Sapiens camp3

Urak mine2

Abbasid outpost2

Anarchist gathering7

Charon Pirates outpost1

First Hunters outpost5

outlaw base1

outlaw camp1

outlaw titanium mine3

Urak outpost1

Anarchist habitat2

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache5


Systems visited28

Never reached Urak

final equipment

Ares plasma archcannon

IM90 multitarget blaster

damaged Xuanwu-700 howitzer

Kaidun shield generator

2 enhanced segments of diamond lattice armor [+Thermo]

enhanced segment of diamond lattice armor [+50%]

enhanced segment of diamond lattice armor [+Ion]

Hyperion reactor

Longreach I autocannon

patch spider

cargo hold expansion

CDM shard

final items

3 segments of diamond lattice armor

malachite crystal

19 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

2 Ares positron cannons

2 cerusite crystals

5 barrels of orthosteel nanos

heavy armor repair kit

hierolith crystal

13 Luminous 7ame algorithms

2 gems of contrition

2 IO450 Bastion cannons

2 portable autodocs

2 tons of neutronium ore

3 cases of Ringer spice

advanced analyzer

advanced analyzer

barrel of ithalium paste

crate of cryofrozen prime beef

Fusionfire howitzer

nodule of crystalline uranium

14 CDM archives

2 Ares Campaign Ribbons

209 pteracnium fuel rods

63 Luminous 5care algorithms

7 gems of despair

chest of jinn-khan

Neuros personal media player

thermo cannon

15 Scramble1.5 algorithm cubes

2 barrels of meteorsteel dust

3 cases of neuranase

4 barrels of rejuv tank fluid

4 death cubes

5 cases of Terran eggs

9 ShieldEfficiency v1.2.5 algorithm cubes

barrel of ion resistance coating

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

Titan 440 fusion drive

2 Commonwealth Medals of Distinction

42 optical knowledge arrays

ShieldPower v1.0 algorithm cube

Space Command identification chip

UAS Fleet identification chip

Commonwealth military identification chip

4 crates of medical supplies

friendly ships destroyed

Ferian warrior2

Britannia-class heavy gunship8

Zoanthrope behemoth1

Centurion-class heavy gunship2

Evren-class heavy gunship1

1M battle auton4

Ronin/C-class gunship1

Ferian miner43

Zoanthrope raider5

EI500-class freighter1

Salvager Nomad2

Kaiten-class gunship2

T31-class armed transport1


Ronin/A-class gunship1

EI100-class freighter2

Zulu-class gunship2

friendly stations destroyed

(ED research lab)1

Ferian colony13

container habitat1

items installed

Ares plasma archcannon

diamond lattice armor

IM90 multitarget blaster

Ferian plasma cannon

heavy orthosteel armor

Hyperion reactor

Jotun deflector

Kaidun shield generator

IO450 Bastion cannon

Koshiba-500 reactor

light ithalium armor

Mammoth 100MW deflector

mark II Omsk deflector

medium Omsk armor

orthosteel armor

Xuanwu-700 howitzer

advanced ceralloy armor

advanced Kuma repeater

Bushido weapon enhancer

heavy blast plate

Longreach I autocannon

SN2500 reactor

150NX reactor

Ceratops 5T quasi-armor

heavy ceralloy armor

light Omsk armor

patch spider

plasma torch

Titan 440 fusion drive

dual particle beam weapon

heavy plasteel armor

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

mark I howitzer

Nephren P25 shield generator

Nova-100 reactor

AK505 Ballista cannon

Moskva 21 dual cannon

Nova-50 reactor

particle accelerator

plasteel armor

Takao launcher

light plasteel armor

Nova-25 reactor

Otoroshi cannon

tritium propulsion upgrade

cargo hold expansion

class II deflector

CDM shard

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions6

CSC missions16 (1 failed)

Korolov escort missions8

Money earned on missions1097186

Slaves freed12

weapons fired

Ares plasma archcannon1038

IM90 multitarget blaster903

Ferian plasma cannon660

IO450 Bastion cannon1243

Xuanwu-700 howitzer2760

advanced Kuma repeater30693

plasma torch626

dual particle beam weapon7877

mark I howitzer3869

AK505 Ballista cannon184

Longreach I autocannon3082

Moskva 21 dual cannon127

T-11 missile5

Takao launcher5

Otoroshi cannon1239

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