Annika Jasemon

Annika Jasemon

AdventureEternity Port

Black Market rankSindikat member

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateDestroyed by a Ferian warrior in the Mu Casser System


GenomeHuman female

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)198532

Money (euros)40100


Ship classHercules-class transport

Time played8 hours and 27 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Lost Jenna

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Resurrected Lilith

Scanned the Nagato Explorer


Enemy ships destroyed918

Enemy stations destroyed114

Friendly ships destroyed49

Friendly stations destroyed4


Profit on arms227560

Profit on goods and materials203124

Profit on illegal items125472

Profit on luxury goods53776

Profit on medical supplies51519


Honored permadeath

damage sustained

diamond lattice armor2619

ithalium armor2630

light ithalium armor540

medium Omsk armor7327

orthosteel armor5425

P450 Hexphase armor2585

advanced ceralloy armor1736

blast plate7492

heavy ceralloy armor3340

Yoroi S500 shield generator22839

hardened plasteel armor3058

heavy plasteel armor879

Nephren P25 shield generator1242

Yoroi S100 shield generator9989

class III deflector4886

class I deflector2568

enemy ships destroyed

Revenant-class destroyer1

Luminous soldier2

Xenophobe defender1

Sandstorm-class gunship8

Dwarg master5

Luminous drone6

Wraith-class heavy gunship2

Urak destroyer4

Goron behemoth1

Evren-class heavy gunship3

Xenophobe fighter1

Mammoth frigate1

Revelations-class missileship9

Steel slaver12

Charon frigate1

Luminous messenger1

Atonement-class heavy gunship2

Ranx gunship8

Heliotrope frigate4

Goron monitor6

Barbary-class gunship5

Repentant-class gunship4

Meth enforcer6

Ronin/C-class gunship2

Sotho-class heavy gunship4

Cavebear raider23

Drake-class missileship7

Zoanthrope raider52

Eldritch-class gunship20

Viking II-class gunship42

Marauder raid platform3

Wind slaver83

Plague-class gunship8

Heliotrope gunship32

200A defender auton1

Demir-class gunship10

Kaiten-class gunship2

Urak sentinel14

Oromo-class gunship4

T31-class armed transport3

Centauri heavy raider1

Viking-class gunship45

Corsair II-class gunship26

Borer II-class gunship14

Hammerhead II-class gunship5

Himal interceptor2

Sabertooth raider114

Hornet-class battlepod129

Borer-class gunship5

Earthzone-class armed shuttle13

Hammerhead-class gunship8

Corsair-class gunship108

Goron soldier5

Goron swift23

TA3-class sentinel4

Centauri raider13

enemy stations destroyed

Kobol warlord camp1

Ares outpost1

Ranx outpost2

Resurrector sanctum1

Dwarg fortress1

Penitent sanctum1

Sung fortress4

Heliotrope colony2

Luminous Assembler2

Marauder stronghold1

outlaw duranium mine3

Penitent shrine2

Resurrector outpost1

Sung research laboratory1

Death Drug Cartel outpost2

Dwarg colony2

First Hunters settlement1

Marauder compound1

Marauder outpost3

outlaw ceralloy mine2

Sapiens compound3

Sung slave camp6

Urak fortress3

Anarchist settlement5

Charon Pirates stronghold4

Goron lair4

Heliotrope outpost4

outlaw palladium mine1

Sapiens camp4

Urak mine2

Abbasid outpost2

Anarchist gathering16

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost1

First Hunters outpost10

Himal refuge3

outlaw camp1

outlaw titanium mine2

Urak outpost1

Anarchist habitat2

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache4


Systems visited22

Never reached Oromarch

Never reached Urak

Never reached Terminus


Osaka Playership

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

advanced Kuma repeater

IO25 Taran cannon

MAG launcher

enhanced Yoroi S500 shield generator [+efficient]

3 damaged segments of diamond lattice armor

2 damaged segments of ithalium armor

damaged segment of P450 Hexphase armor

SN2500 reactor

Titan 440 fusion drive

ICX missile defense turret

smuggler's cargo hold

CDM shard

final items

Nomad blaster

8 98R high-flux MAGs

advanced analyzer

advanced analyzer

15 pteracnium fuel rods

239 3K siege MAGs

4 medium armor repair kits

Bushido weapon enhancer

gem of despair

transpace jumpdrive

167 JB2 shield buster MAGs

2 longzhu spheres

313 ZG24 cluster MAGs

barrel of ion resistance coating

case of neuranase

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

damaged patch spider

patch spider

plasma torch

2 ShieldPower v3.1.8 algorithm cubes

30 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

625 800F hexagene MAGs

7 xenotite fuel rods

9 cases of artificial plasma

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Diarchy letter of marque

hexagene booster

Humagen heart and lungs prosthesis

light armor repair kit

UAS Fleet identification chip

238 Akan 30 cannon shell cartridges

Commonwealth military identification chip

particle source upgrade

4 segments of heavy ceramic armor

409 A4 Grom bolts

48 KM110 Starburst missiles

defective weapon enhancement ROM

targeting program ROM

172 SmartCannon rounds

3 portable analyzers

black market identification chip

portable analyzer

portable analyzer

portable analyzer

2 heliumĀ³ fuel rods

2 segments of light reactive armor

friendly ships destroyed

Raijin-class heavy gunship1

Akuma-class heavy gunship2

310A aegis auton1

Ferian miner3

Zoanthrope raider19

medium IAV1

Salvager Nomad2

Kaiten-class gunship1

Oromo-class gunship1

T31-class armed transport4

Zulu II-class gunship9

Zulu-class gunship5

friendly stations destroyed

(APD outpost)1

Ferian colony3

items installed

diamond lattice armor

ithalium armor

light ithalium armor

medium Omsk armor

orthosteel armor

P450 Hexphase armor

advanced ceralloy armor

advanced Kuma repeater

Bushido weapon enhancer

IO25 Taran cannon

SN2500 reactor

transpace jumpdrive

150NX reactor

advanced plasteel armor

blast plate

heavy ceralloy armor

Mammoth 25MW deflector

patch spider

Titan 440 fusion drive

Yoroi S500 shield generator

Dwarg catoptric armor

hardened plasteel armor

heavy plasteel armor

Heisenmachines quantum CPU

Nephren P25 shield generator

Nova-100 reactor

omnidirectional particle cannon

Yoroi S100 shield generator

class III deflector

ICX missile defense turret

MAG launcher

polyceramic armor

slam cannon

smuggler's cargo hold

Moskva 11 light turret

NAMI missile launcher

laser collimator

Nova-15 reactor

reactive armor

CDM shard

class I deflector

DM600 disposable missile rack

recoilless cannon

missions & activities

Agricultural colonies defended2

Commonwealth habitat missions1

Commonwealth militia missions6

Korolov escort missions5

Mining colony missions2

Money earned on missions73139

Slaves freed28

weapons fired

98R high-flux MAG22

3K siege MAG32

advanced Kuma repeater10180

IO25 Taran cannon983

JB2 shield buster MAG13

ZG24 cluster MAG87

800F hexagene MAG511

omnidirectional particle cannon18442

600 hexagene MAG31

MAG launcher729

slam cannon1568

400 hexagene MAG33

KM110 Starburst missile131

Moskva 11 light turret2125

NAMI missile launcher389

KM100 Longbow missile258

DM600 disposable missile rack32

laser cannon4898

recoilless cannon265

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