Lord Trogg

Lord Trogg

AdventureEternity Port

Black Market rankSmuggler

CDM shard level6

Commonwealth Fleet rankPrivateer

Commonwealth militia rankLieutenant


Domina relationshipCanon

FateJoined the denizens of Eternity Port


GenderHuman female

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)773927

Money (euros)506387

Money (rin)313459

Money (yuan)473126


Ship classEvren-class heavy gunship

Time played1 day and 8 hours

Version1.9 Beta 1a

achievements & regrets

Chased off the Nagato Explorer

Defeated Luminous

Delivered arms to Asian Pacific Directorate

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Destroyed an APD Space Command base

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Helped Lilith increase her powers

Helped the Nagato Explorer to defect

Intercepted strike force heading for the Nagato Explorer

Met Captain Okida of the Nagato Explorer

Met Failsafe

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Resurrected Lilith

Scanned the Nagato Explorer


Enemy ships destroyed963

Enemy stations destroyed164

Friendly ships destroyed30


Profit on arms2469911

Profit on goods and materials1372116

Profit on illegal items28457

Profit on luxury goods88494

Profit on medical supplies8238


Game resurrections2

Insurance claims1

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never invoked powers of Domina

damage sustained

Luminous shroud3551

nanoforged meteorsteel armor10824

nanoforged etherium armor230

nanoforged orthosteel armor8483

heavy ceralloy armor79

nanoforged reflecting armor2363

heavy plasteel armor83

nanoforged plasteel armor3535

Yoroi S100 shield generator1525

class III deflector104

heavy reactive armor215

nanoforged titanium armor136

class II deflector453

enemy ships destroyed

Luminous avatar1

Xenophobe worldship1

Dreaming nomad9

Ventari destroyer4

Tundra-class heavy gunship2

Revenant-class destroyer6

Ranx dreadnought1

Excruciator-class destroyer1

Yamato-class bomber7

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship1

Polar-class freighter4

Zoanthrope behemoth5

Hurin-class destroyer3

Tripoli-class destroyer2

Earth Slaver4

Sandstorm-class gunship71

Akuma-class heavy gunship2

Dwarg master9

Luminous drone13

Wraith-class heavy gunship4

Dreaming raider20

Centurion-class heavy gunship6

Xenophobe defender4

Urak destroyer2

Xenophobe fighter2

Mammoth frigate1

Steel slaver21

Evren-class heavy gunship4

Atonement-class heavy gunship8

Revelations-class missileship8

Ranx gunship12

Heliotrope frigate5

Raijin-class heavy gunship23

Charon frigate2

Goron monitor2

T55-class armed transport1

Barbary-class gunship14

Meth enforcer8

Repentant-class gunship5

Sotho-class heavy gunship3

Ronin/C-class gunship19

Cavebear raider17

Zoanthrope raider29

Eldritch-class gunship37

Viking II-class gunship34

Wind slaver107

Drake-class missileship7

Plague-class gunship23

Heliotrope gunship29

Marauder raid platform4

Demir-class gunship12

Urak sentinel25

Kaiten-class gunship13

Oromo-class heavy gunship1

T31-class armed transport1

Centauri heavy raider8

Viking-class gunship43

Ronin/B-class gunship31

Corsair II-class gunship16

Borer II-class gunship20

Hammerhead II-class gunship5

Sabertooth raider24

Hornet-class battlepod33

Borer-class gunship5

Earthzone-class armed shuttle4

Hammerhead-class gunship5

Corsair-class gunship80

Goron soldier2

Goron swift2

Centauri raider26

enemy stations destroyed

Dreaming Nexus3


Luminous Assembler5

Luminous Sentinel2

Ranx fortress1

Resurrector cathedral1

Rogue Fleet settlement1

(APD Space Command base)1

Ares outpost9

Penitent monastery2

Ranx outpost2

Resurrector sanctum2

Rogue Fleet cache1

Ventari colony2

Dwarg fortress2

Huari fortress1

Penitent sanctum5

Sung citadel4

Sung fortress13

Heliotrope colony5

Luminous Extractor2

outlaw duranium mine2

Penitent shrine5

Resurrector outpost3

Sung research laboratory1

Death Drug Cartel outpost1

Dwarg colony1

First Hunters settlement3

Marauder compound3

Marauder outpost2

Sapiens compound3

Sung slave camp3

Urak fortress2

Anarchist settlement1

Charon Pirates stronghold5

Goron lair2

Heliotrope outpost1

outlaw palladium mine2

Sapiens camp1

Urak mine4

Abbasid outpost18

Anarchist gathering6

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost8

First Hunters outpost4

outlaw titanium mine1

Urak outpost3

Anarchist habitat1

Centauri warlord camp3

Charon Pirates cache8

outlaw camp1


Systems visited31


The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

Morana archcannon [+20%]

plasma torch

Luminous launcher

Luminous shroud [+90%]

6 segments of nanoforged etherium armor

Koshiba-500 reactor [+enhanced]

Titan 440 fusion drive [+enhanced]

transpace jumpdrive

patcher arm

miner's cargo hold

CDM shard

final items

143 Luminous plasma missiles

2 tons of etherium ore

302 ZK500 Vulkan bolts

6 segments of nanoforged meteorsteel armor [+thermo]

Luminous shroud [+ion +thermo]

3 Luminous 7ame algorithms

6 barrels of ithalium paste

6 tritium injectors

advanced analyzer

3 decayed etherium field crystals

3 molbidium field crystals

330 pteracnium fuel rods

4 Luminous 5care algorithms

45 Luminous thermo missiles

6 medium armor repair kits

9 ion power capacitors

Ares Campaign Ribbon

superlattice field crystal

17 tons of orthosteel ore

2 trillum field crystals

24 tanks of chronimium gas

6 advanced scanner pods

6 barrels of meteorsteel dust

7 barrels of ion resistance coating

7 Scramble1.5 algorithm cubes

7 ShieldEfficiency v1.2.5 algorithm cubes

9 longzhu spheres

segment of blast plate

2 hexagene boosters

4 ShieldOverdrive v3.1.8 algorithm cubes

Diarchy letter of marque

green etherium field crystal

ShieldOverdrive v1.0 algorithm cube

UAS Fleet identification chip

2 military map ROMs

2 weapon efficiency ROMs

Akan 30 ammunition box

class III deflector [+30%]

Commonwealth military identification chip

particle source upgrade

4 weapon optimizer ROMs

defective weapon enhancement ROM

solar panel array

black market identification chip

system map ROM

friendly ships destroyed

Manticore-class heavy gunship1

Molotok/B-class heavy gunship4

heavy IAV1

Molotok/A-class heavy gunship1

Ferian miner6

Zoanthrope raider5

Salvager Nomad5

Demir-class gunship1

T31-class armed transport2

Zulu-class gunship4

items installed

Morana archcannon

Kytryn blaster

Luminous shroud

nanoforged meteorsteel armor

Nomad blaster

SAR/200 advanced cannon

IO450 Bastion cannon

Koshiba-500 reactor

Luminous launcher

nanoforged etherium armor

nanoforged orthosteel armor

Xuanwu-700 howitzer

advanced Kuma repeater

Bushido weapon enhancer

Katana star cannon

Luminous carapace

transpace jumpdrive

advanced taubeam cannon

blast plate

heavy ceralloy armor

high-speed howitzer loader

nanoforged reflecting armor

plasma torch

Titan 440 fusion drive

nanoforged plasteel armor

Nova-100 reactor

particle accelerator

advanced reactive armor

class III deflector

light Tevlar armor

Nova-50 reactor

patcher arm

Sova-10 particle turret

Archura launcher

heavy reactive armor

magma cutter

miner's cargo hold

nanoforged titanium armor

solar panel array

cannon accelerator

class II deflector

heavy recoilless cannon

Nova-15 reactor

CDM shard

Cyclotron S10 deflector

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions1

CSC missions2

Korolov shipping missions4

Mining colony missions1

Money earned on missions307,429 credits

Psionics offered to Domina15

Slaves freed4

Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet1000

ore mined

etherium ore8

hyperonic ore10

hadron archaeolith43

tetramite ore8

neutronium ore37

ithalium ore521

orthosteel ore528

platinum ore154

gold ore99

palladium ore304

helium regolith110

plasteel ore241

titanium ore189

uranium ore83

weapons fired

Luminous plasma missile44

Morana archcannon792

Kytryn blaster107

Nomad blaster161

SAR/200 advanced cannon936

ZK500 Vulkan bolt72

IO450 Bastion cannon44

Luminous launcher400

Xuanwu-700 howitzer485

advanced Kuma repeater1884

Katana star cannon2923

Luminous thermo missile356

S700 Uragan bolt47

advanced taubeam cannon6174

J55 Valun bolt1049

plasma torch3150

Sova-10 particle turret1006

A4 Grom bolt665

Archura launcher1833

magma cutter3286

heavy recoilless cannon1352

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