AdventureEternity Port

Black Market rankSindikat member

CDM shard level3

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

FateDestroyed by the Nagato Explorer in the Kubai System


GenderHuman male

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)57855

Money (euros)17584

Money (rin)288

Money (yuan)52916


Ship classAvenger-class heavy gunship

Time played11 hours and 39 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered arms to Asian Pacific Directorate

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Escorted North Atlantic Union SIGINT vessel

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Joined by Jenna

Resurrected Lilith

Scanned the Nagato Explorer


Enemy ships destroyed818

Enemy stations destroyed109

Friendly ships destroyed41


Profit on arms123230

Profit on goods and materials87737

Profit on illegal items48145

Profit on luxury goods12264

Profit on medical supplies46825


Honored permadeath

Insurance claims1

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

blast plate6175

Mammoth 25MW deflector31269

light blast plate34

Yoroi S100 shield generator3901

advanced reactive armor749

Ceratops 1T quasi-armor2465

R1 deflector91

nanoforged titanium armor376

class II deflector820

reactive armor227

class I deflector693

enemy ships destroyed

Luminous soldier1

Tripoli-class destroyer1

Wraith-class heavy gunship1

Goron behemoth2

Mammoth frigate2

Luminous messenger1

Revelations-class missileship7

Charon frigate1

Goron monitor2

Barbary-class gunship5

Sotho-class heavy gunship13

Meth enforcer9

Ronin/C-class gunship5

Cavebear raider17

Zoanthrope raider9

Eldritch-class gunship12

Viking II-class gunship91

Wind slaver5

Drake-class missileship13

Plague-class gunship8

Heliotrope gunship1

Marauder raid platform1

200A defender auton1

Demir-class gunship5

Urak sentinel3

Kaiten-class gunship10

Oromo-class heavy gunship8

T31-class armed transport10

Centauri heavy raider13

Viking-class gunship60

Ronin/B-class gunship14

Corsair II-class gunship36

Borer II-class gunship33

Hammerhead II-class gunship23

Zulu II-class gunship14

Sabertooth raider35

Hornet-class battlepod62

Borer-class gunship23

Earthzone-class armed shuttle12

Hammerhead-class gunship22

Corsair-class gunship119

Goron soldier8

Goron swift8

Zulu-class gunship35

TA3-class sentinel24

Centauri raider33

enemy stations destroyed

Resurrector sanctum1

Luminous Assembler1

Marauder stronghold1

outlaw duranium mine2

Resurrector outpost3

Death Drug Cartel outpost3

Dwarg colony1

First Hunters settlement2

Marauder compound1

Marauder outpost1

outlaw ceralloy mine8

Sapiens compound3

Sung slave camp2

Anarchist settlement3

Charon Pirates stronghold8

Goron lair3

outlaw haven3

outlaw palladium mine6

Sapiens camp4

Abbasid outpost3

Anarchist gathering10

Centauri warlord stronghold2

Charon Pirates outpost8

First Hunters outpost7

outlaw base2

outlaw camp2

outlaw titanium mine9

Urak outpost1

Anarchist habitat1

Centauri warlord camp3

Charon Pirates cache5


Systems visited14

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Oromarch

Never reached Terminus


The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

Hanzo blaster [+efficient]

Katana star cannon

NAMI missile launcher

Mammoth 25MW deflector [+20%]

2 segments of blast plate

2 segments of blast plate [+10%]

150NX reactor [+enhanced]

Titan 440 fusion drive

smuggler's cargo hold

CDM shard

final items

6 pteracnium fuel rods

ton of ithalium ore

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

37 xenotite fuel rods

9 cases of fusion triggers

calligraphy scroll

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

Diarchy letter of marque

engineering analyzer

UAS Fleet identification chip

10 tons of cerallox ore

14 XM300 Reaper missiles

149 KM550 Broadsword missiles

3 barrels of radioactive waste

73 heliumĀ³ reactor assemblies

Commonwealth military identification chip

2 barrels of repairing nanos

24 kilos of Booster

3 barrels of particle resistance coating

442 KM500 Stiletto missiles

54 KM120 Brute missiles

618 KM110 Starburst missiles

targeting program ROM

2 black market identification chips

2 shield enhancement ROMs

35 bootleg Star Wars 3DVs

386 cases of Martian nori

4 visual display enhancement ROMs

807 KM100 Longbow missiles

portable analyzer

portable analyzer

251 laudanum ampules

28 heliumĀ³ fuel rods

36 Tempus syrettes

friendly ships destroyed

heavy IAV1

T55-class armed transport1

Salvager Nomad8

Kaiten-class gunship1

T31-class armed transport11

Zulu II-class gunship1

Zulu-class gunship18

items installed

Hanzo blaster

Katana star cannon

Titan 440 fusion drive

dual Flenser cannon

light blast plate

Yoroi S100 shield generator

Flenser relativistic cannon

ICX missile defense turret

Lanceolate cannon

R1 deflector

smuggler's cargo hold

NAMI missile launcher

nanoforged titanium armor

class II deflector

Nova-15 reactor

omnidirectional laser cannon

reactive armor

trader's cargo hold

CDM shard

class I deflector

recoilless cannon

missions & activities

Agricultural colony missions1

Commonwealth militia missions6

Korolov shipping missions3 (1 failed)

Mining colony missions5

Money earned on missions89871

Slaves freed14

weapons fired

Hanzo blaster11020

Katana star cannon1780

mark III howitzer1384

dual Flenser cannon1400

Flenser relativistic cannon492

KM550 Broadsword missile31

Lanceolate cannon225

RK15 Partisan turret1333

XM300 Reaper missile9

KM110 Starburst missile26

KM120 Brute missile8

KM500 Stiletto missile106

NAMI missile launcher310

KM100 Longbow missile130

omnidirectional laser cannon820

laser cannon745

recoilless cannon1931

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