AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Commonwealth Fleet rankFleet commander

Commonwealth militia rankColonel

Corporate privateer rankSenior Security Officer


Domina relationshipCanon

FateSelf-destructed in the Gunsan System


GenderHuman female

Korolov rankLegend

Money (credits)19621

Money (euros)70

Money (rin)157565

Money (yuan)13590


Ship classMinotaur-class corvette

Time played14 hours and 27 minutes

Version1.9 Alpha 4

achievements & regrets

Allowed Rama to meet his destiny

Became Defender of the Huari

Became Legendary Hero of the Arena

Befriended the Huari

Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping

Defeated the Kronosaurus

Defended the CSC Antarctica

Delivered arms to Eurasian Diarchy

Delivered one-time pad to Strawman

Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system

Destroyed the Silla anomaly

Discovered the Tau Ceti anomaly

Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere

Liberated Raisu station

Lost Jenna

Lost Volkov

Raided Cyclops Corporation headquarters

Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market

Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists

Visited the Huari temple in Huaramarca

Visited Tranquility Base


Enemy ships destroyed2678

Enemy stations destroyed347

Friendly ships destroyed12


Profit on arms1054662

Profit on goods and materials456404

Profit on illegal items30000

Profit on luxury goods103022

Profit on medical supplies16290


Game resurrections8

Never bought life insurance

Never destroyed friendly stations

damage sustained

diamond lattice armor8717

Dvalin armor13301

plasma shield generator36436

R9 deflector20037

super-heavy blast plate875

blast plate36

heavy mark I Omsk armor3405

mark I Omsk deflector46788

medium mark I Omsk armor545

R5 deflector17379

class V deflector1956

class III deflector11924

photo-organic armor1206

ceramic armor7

class II deflector1734

enemy ships destroyed

Aquila-class cruiser1

Deimos-class destroyer5

Dragon Slaver1

Omnithor hunter-killer2

Cometfall-class missileship1

Ventari destroyer2

Tundra-class heavy gunship14

Ares advanced sentry1

Britannia-class chimera2

EI7000-class chimera8

Ares dual sentry7

Lumiere destroyer1

Centurion-class chimera2

Centurion/X-class heavy gunship3

Polar-class freighter11

Omnithor heavy gunship4

Ares sentry12

Earth Slaver19

Tripoli-class destroyer16

Sandstorm-class gunship236

Manticore-class heavy gunship3

Dwarg master12

Luminous drone59

Wraith-class heavy gunship4

Ronin/C-class chimera6

Centurion-class heavy gunship23

Urak destroyer19

Troglav-class frigate7

Wolfen/C-class gunship1

Sung transport5

Steel slaver36

Atonement-class heavy gunship20

Revelations-class missileship13

Ranx gunship57

Anika-class heavy gunship4

Heliotrope frigate12

Raijin-class heavy gunship1

Lumiere battle auton9

Viking-class chimera2

Charon frigate6

Goron monitor2

EI500-class freighter2

T55-class armed transport3

Barbary-class gunship45

Repentant-class gunship48

Sotho-class heavy gunship12

Meth enforcer29

Ronin/C-class gunship24

Cavebear raider1

Lumiere sentinel15

Zoanthrope raider187

Eldritch-class gunship30

Viking II-class gunship172

Wind slaver312

Earthzone-class chimera1

Drake-class missileship15

Plague-class gunship27

Heliotrope gunship61

Marauder raid platform7

200A defender auton1

Sapphire-class yacht4

Demir-class gunship2

Urak sentinel117

Kaiten-class gunship7

heavy IAV1

Oromo-class heavy gunship19

Centauri heavy raider7

Viking-class gunship96

Ronin/B-class gunship27

Hornet-class chimera9

Corsair II-class gunship73

Borer II-class gunship16

Hammerhead II-class gunship3

Likho-class heavy gunship30

Ronin/A-class gunship11

Zulu II-class gunship5

medium IAV3

Sirin 3B-class gunship6

Himal interceptor32

Sabertooth raider7

EI100-class freighter8

Hornet-class battlepod148

Borer-class gunship14

Earthzone-class armed shuttle16

Hammerhead-class gunship8

light IAV2

Corsair-class gunship246

Goron soldier2

Goron swift9

Zulu-class gunship20

Sirin 3A-class gunship14

TA3-class sentinel8

Centauri raider67

enemy stations destroyed

Ares commune4

Omnithor settlement1

Luminous Assembler4

Rogue Fleet settlement2

Ares outpost7

Omnithor lab1

Penitent monastery1

Ranx outpost6

Resurrector sanctum1

Rogue Fleet cache2

Ventari colony1

Dwarg fortress3

Lumiere stronghold3

outlaw pteracnium mine3

Penitent sanctum7

Sung citadel5

Sung fortress12

Curators stronghold6

Cyclops Corporation HQ1

Heliotrope colony14

Marauder stronghold10

outlaw duranium mine3

Penitent shrine17

Resurrector outpost3

container habitat2

Death Drug Cartel outpost9

Dwarg colony28

Lumiere outpost5

Marauder compound7

Marauder outpost5

Sapiens compound7

Sung slave camp13

Urak fortress12

Anarchist settlement3

Charon Pirates stronghold13

Curators vault1

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Goron lair2

outlaw haven1

outlaw palladium mine2

Sapiens camp2

Urak mine4

Abbasid outpost14

Anarchist gathering19

Arco Vaughn's container habitat1

Centauri warlord stronghold2

Charon Pirates outpost15

First Hunters outpost2

Himal refuge15

outlaw base2

outlaw titanium mine5

Urak outpost7

Anarchist habitat7

Centauri warlord camp6

Charon Pirates cache11

Curators outpost2

outlaw camp5


Systems visited45

Never reached Heretic

Never reached the Galactic Core


Corporate Command

Near Stars Connector

The Stars of the Pilgrim HD

final equipment

Ferian plasma cannon

omnidirectional tritium cannon [+50%]

NAMI heavy launcher

R9 deflector [+20%]

4 segments of diamond lattice armor [+50%]

segment of diamond lattice armor

segment of diamond lattice armor [+20%]

Koshiba-500 reactor [+enhanced]

lithium booster

trader's cargo hold

final items

gem of sacrifice

33 M5 Nemesis missiles

104 hadron-vacuum fuel cells

57 S3 Medusa missiles

72 M2 Vulcan missiles

11 barrels of ithalium paste

2 Luminous 7ame algorithms

3 gems of contrition

3 tritium injectors

6 crates of cryofrozen prime beef

advanced analyzer

116 pteracnium fuel rods

17 Luminous 5care algorithms

2 Ares Campaign Ribbons

3 gems of despair

3 ion power capacitors

molbidium field crystal

Neuros personal media player

superlattice field crystal

16 longzhu spheres

3 diamond field crystals

6 Scramble1.5 algorithm cubes

6 ShieldEfficiency v1.2.5 algorithm cubes

Commonwealth Medal of Honor

4 optical knowledge arrays

6 xenotite fuel rods

8 ShieldPower v3.1.8 algorithm cubes

98 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

Commonwealth Medal of Distinction

engineering analyzer

engineering analyzer

Interstellar Miners Union identification chip

ShieldPower v1.0 algorithm cube

Space Command identification chip

UAS Fleet identification chip

vial of thioseptal

2 Commonwealth military identification chips

4 military map ROMs

2 black market identification chips

data ROM

silicarb field crystal

friendly ships destroyed

Britannia-class heavy gunship1

Centurion/M-class heavy gunship1

heavy IAV1

Molotok/A-class heavy gunship1

Zoanthrope raider2

Salvager Nomad4

light IAV1

Ronin/B-class gunship1

items installed

diamond lattice armor

Dvalin armor

Dvalin Ion9 cannon

Ferian plasma cannon

mark VII howitzer

NAMI heavy launcher

Qianlong archcannon

Fusionfire howitzer

Koshiba-500 reactor

lithium booster

omnidirectional tritium cannon

plasma shield generator

R9 deflector

Xuanwu-700 howitzer

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster

SAR/40 cannon

SN2500 reactor

150NX reactor

Akan 600 turret

blast plate

heavy mark I Omsk armor

mark I Omsk deflector

medium mark I Omsk armor

class V deflector

Makayev launcher

Nova-100 reactor

particle accelerator

Rasiermesser weapon enhancer

Sabel 90 particle cannon

class III deflector

MAG launcher

Nova-50 reactor

Takao launcher

Archura launcher

NAMI missile launcher

photo-organic armor

solar panel array

cannon accelerator

ceramic armor

class II deflector

laser collimator

Nova-15 reactor

trader's cargo hold

Valjor 50 laser cannon

missions & activities

Commonwealth habitat missions1

Commonwealth militia missions6

Corporate privateer missions8

CSC missions11

Gladiator fights10

Huari Empire missions11

Korolov shipping missions10

Mining colony missions4

Money earned on missions66,920 credits

Psionics offered to Domina12

Slaves freed128

weapons fired

Dvalin Ion9 cannon1399

Ferian plasma cannon990

M2 Vulcan missile61

mark VII howitzer17

NAMI heavy launcher83

Qianlong archcannon32

S3 Medusa missile22

98R high-flux MAG554

Fusionfire howitzer1217

omnidirectional tritium cannon2351

Xuanwu-700 howitzer618

3K siege MAG100

mark V howitzer1054

omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster716

SAR/40 cannon2228

XM900 Lucifer missile7

Akan 600 turret5403

800F hexagene MAG223

A30 Viyuga bolt45

Makayev launcher877

Sabel 90 particle cannon6769

White Strelka missile877

600 hexagene MAG493

KM550 Broadsword missile397

MAG launcher1483

T-11 missile329

Takao launcher329

XM300 Reaper missile18

400 hexagene MAG113

A4 Grom bolt902

Archura launcher947

KM110 Starburst missile399

KM120 Brute missile122

KM500 Stiletto missile648

NAMI missile launcher2411

KM100 Longbow missile820

Valjor 50 laser cannon4109

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