Lancer Blue

Lancer Blue

AdventureEternity Port

Commonwealth militia rankLieutenant

FateDestroyed by a Dreaming raider in the Hesperus System


GenomeHuman male

Korolov rankJourneyman

Money (credits)78294

Money (euros)7321

Money (rin)312

Money (yuan)2828


Ship classSpartan-class heavy gunship

Time played12 hours and 49 minutes


achievements & regrets

Delivered Morningstar's message to Eternity Port

Helped Lilith increase her powers

Met Failsafe

Obtained Lilith's hunter-killer

Resurrected Lilith


Enemy ships destroyed539

Enemy stations destroyed98


Profit on arms129407

Profit on goods and materials57355

Profit on luxury goods2761

Profit on medical supplies6066


Honored permadeath

Never destroyed friendly ships or stations

damage sustained

quadrocarbide armor1903

light Omsk armor711

Mammoth 25MW deflector7133

mark I Omsk deflector9608

heavy plasteel armor1119

Ceratops 1T quasi-armor4551

Cyclotron S1200 deflector1046

heavy reactive armor402

hull plate ionizer1882

enemy ships destroyed

Sandstorm-class gunship9

Revelations-class missileship6

Steel slaver2

Ranx gunship5

Heliotrope frigate8

Goron monitor2

Barbary-class gunship3

Meth enforcer8

Ronin/C-class gunship1

Sotho-class heavy gunship11

Drake-class missileship4

Cavebear raider32

Zoanthrope raider1

Eldritch-class gunship3

Viking II-class gunship7

Marauder raid platform2

Wind slaver20

Plague-class gunship14

Heliotrope gunship16

Urak sentinel17

Oromo-class gunship5

T31-class armed transport1

Centauri heavy raider1

Viking-class gunship20

Corsair II-class gunship15

Borer II-class gunship14

Hammerhead II-class gunship3

Zulu II-class gunship1

Himal interceptor1

Sabertooth raider62

Hornet-class battlepod80

Borer-class gunship11

Earthzone-class armed shuttle15

Corsair-class gunship100

Goron soldier7

Goron swift5

Zulu-class gunship5

TA3-class sentinel10

Centauri raider12

enemy stations destroyed

Dreaming Nexus1

Resurrector sanctum1

outlaw pteracnium mine3

Heliotrope colony5

outlaw duranium mine1

Sung research laboratory1

Death Drug Cartel outpost4

First Hunters settlement3

Marauder compound2

outlaw ceralloy mine1

Sapiens compound4

Anarchist settlement3

Charon Pirates stronghold2

Goron lair2

Heliotrope outpost2

outlaw haven1

outlaw palladium mine3

Urak mine2

Abbasid outpost1

Anarchist gathering22

Charon Pirates outpost3

First Hunters outpost7

Himal refuge3

outlaw base3

outlaw camp2

outlaw titanium mine3

Urak outpost2

Anarchist habitat2

Centauri warlord camp3

Charon Pirates cache6


Systems visited29

Never reached Oromarch


Osaka Playership

final equipment

dual Flenser cannon [+50%]

enhanced omnidirectional particle cannon [+20%]

enhanced sunflare cannon [+10%]

NAMI missile launcher

Mammoth 25MW deflector

4 segments of quadrocarbide armor

enhanced Nova-100 reactor [+enhanced]

patcher arm

cannon accelerator

CDM shard

final items

56 XM900 Lucifer missiles

gem of despair

116 Heliotrope fuel cylinders

46 xenotite fuel rods

190 KM550 Broadsword missiles

Commonwealth military identification chip

101 KM120 Brute missiles

system map ROM

items installed

quadrocarbide armor

light Omsk armor

Mammoth 25MW deflector

mark I Omsk deflector

dual Flenser cannon

heavy plasteel armor

Nova-100 reactor

omnidirectional particle cannon

sunflare cannon

Ceratops 1T quasi-armor

Cyclotron S1200 deflector

Flenser relativistic cannon

Nova-50 reactor

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon

patcher arm

Sova-10 particle turret

heavy reactive armor

NAMI missile launcher

Nova-25 reactor

cannon accelerator

heavy recoilless cannon

hull plate ionizer

Nova-15 reactor

omnidirectional laser cannon

CDM shard

DM600 disposable missile rack

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions1

Korolov escort missions8

Mining colony missions1

Money earned on missions12466

weapons fired

XM900 Lucifer missile18

dual Flenser cannon1330

omnidirectional particle cannon902

sunflare cannon69

Flenser relativistic cannon1848

KM550 Broadsword missile12

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon2280

Sova-10 particle turret296

KM110 Starburst missile147

KM120 Brute missile114

KM500 Stiletto missile209

NAMI missile launcher846

heavy recoilless cannon1322

KM100 Longbow missile346

omnidirectional laser cannon5968

DM600 disposable missile rack32

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