AdventureEternity Port

Black Market rankSindikat member

Commonwealth militia rankMajor

Domina relationshipPatriarch

FateDestroyed by a Dreaming raider in the Bhutihan System


GenomeHuman male

Korolov rankApprentice

Money (credits)333050

Money (euros)1230

Money (yuan)5130


Ship classSpartan-class heavy gunship

Time played10 hours and 23 minutes



Enemy ships destroyed777

Enemy stations destroyed88

Friendly ships destroyed14


Profit on arms170542

Profit on goods and materials96284

Profit on illegal items85610

Profit on luxury goods42577

Profit on medical supplies33852


Honored permadeath

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never invoked powers of Domina

damage sustained

carbide carapace16175

blast plate2218

heavy reactive armor89

hull plate ionizer303

enemy ships destroyed

Tripoli-class destroyer5

Dwarg master4

Dreaming raider3

Urak destroyer3

Goron behemoth1

Mammoth frigate5

Charon frigate1

Atonement-class heavy gunship3

Steel slaver3

Ranx gunship2

Heliotrope destroyer9

Repentant-class gunship15

Goron monitor5

Barbary-class gunship26

Meth enforcer7

Sotho-class heavy gunship11

Drake-class missileship12

Cavebear raider36

Revelations-class missileship1

Zoanthrope raider56

Marauder raid platform6

Wind slaver59

Plague-class gunship4

Heliotrope gunship28

Urak sentinel25

Viking II-class gunship66

Oromo-class gunship3

T31-class armed transport1

Viking-class gunship15

Centauri heavy raider1

Corsair II-class gunship25

Hammerhead II-class gunship6

Borer II-class gunship31

Zulu II-class gunship1

Himal interceptor6

Sabertooth raider125

Hornet-class battlepod33

Borer-class gunship17

Earthzone-class armed shuttle3

Hammerhead-class gunship14

Corsair-class gunship43

Goron soldier1

Goron swift18

Zulu-class gunship18

TA3-class sentinel10

Centauri raider10

enemy stations destroyed

outlaw pteracnium mine2

Sung fortress1

Dwarg colony10

Heliotrope colony5

Marauder stronghold3

outlaw duranium mine5

Penitent shrine6

Death Drug Cartel outpost2

First Hunters settlement4

Marauder compound5

Marauder outpost1

Sapiens compound3

Sung slave camp7

Urak fortress2

Anarchist settlement1

Charon Pirates stronghold1

Goron lair2

outlaw palladium mine3

Urak mine3

Anarchist gathering4

Charon Pirates outpost4

First Hunters outpost3

Himal refuge1

outlaw base1

outlaw camp2

outlaw titanium mine5

Charon Pirates cache2


Systems visited29

Never reached Terminus


The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

omnidirectional thermo cannon

enhanced omnidirectional x-ray laser [+Fast]

4 damaged segments of carbide carapace

Nova-100 reactor

ICX missile defense turret

smuggler's cargo hold

CDM shard

final items

gem of contrition

6 thermo cannon shell cartridges

Ares Campaign Ribbon

Bushido weapon enhancer

gem of despair

Neuros personal media player

2 patch spiders

3 longzhu spheres

enhanced mark III howitzer [+Fast]

high-speed howitzer loader

1M battle auton

2 Commonwealth Medals of Distinction

77 fusion triggers

engineering analyzer

30 heliumĀ³ reactor assemblies

310A aegis auton

Commonwealth military identification chip

weapon optimizer ROM

black market identification chip

carved prayer stone

friendly ships destroyed

Zoanthrope raider2

Salvager Nomad2

T31-class armed transport4

Zulu-class gunship6

items installed

carbide carapace

omnidirectional thermo cannon

helical-shaped device

blast plate

Dragonfly missile system

high-speed howitzer loader

mark III howitzer

patch spider

Nova-100 reactor

omnidirectional x-ray laser

Yoroi S100 shield generator

ICX missile defense turret

MAG launcher

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon

smuggler's cargo hold

heavy reactive armor

heavy recoilless cannon

hull plate ionizer

CDM shard

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions3

Korolov escort missions1

Mining colony missions3

Money earned on missions16416

Slaves offered to Domina44

weapons fired

omnidirectional thermo cannon94

Dragonfly missile system27

mark III howitzer2806

omnidirectional x-ray laser2629

omnidirectional turbolaser cannon4649

heavy recoilless cannon45

laser cannon3361

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