AdventureDomina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Black Market rankSmuggler

Commonwealth militia rankMajor

Corporate privateer rankSecurity Officer


Domina relationshipCurate

FateLeft Human Space on a journey to the Galactic Core


GenderHuman male

Insured byClavius Insurance Conglomerate

Korolov rankLegend

Money (credits)869192

Money (rin)10136

Money (yuan)213164


Ship classWolfen/C-class gunship

Time played9 hours and 18 minutes


achievements & regrets

Became Legendary Hero of the Arena

Defeated the Kronosaurus

Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents

Defended Korolov Shipping in the Charon system

Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system

Discovered the Tau Ceti anomaly

Found and lost Professor Dall's alien sphere

Joined by Rama

Joined by Volkov

Lost Jenna

Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market


Enemy ships destroyed1542

Enemy stations destroyed125

Friendly ships destroyed64


Profit on arms333455

Profit on goods and materials218565

Profit on illegal items10672

Profit on luxury goods43364

Profit on medical supplies8991

Profit on ship's equipment192396


Honored permadeath

Never backtracked

Never claimed life insurance

Never destroyed friendly stations

Never used Pilgrims' Aid

damage sustained

light Iocrym armor107

Dvalin armor126

carbide carapace804

light Gusoku armor389

blast plate218

mitigator 0.7057379

ceralloy armor9

light Tevlar armor34

polyceramic armor29

monopole deflector screen32

mitigator 0.5027245

enemy ships destroyed

Iocrym command ship1

Xenophobe ark1

Iocrym sentinel9

Lumiere destroyer2

Hurin-class destroyer1

Tripoli-class destroyer29

Xenophobe defender3

Manticore-class heavy gunship2

Troglav-class frigate4

Urak destroyer6

Wolfen/C-class gunship2

Sung transport1

Xenophobe fighter14

Charon frigate7

Revelations-class missileship7

heavy IAV1

Centurion-class heavy gunship2

Heliotrope frigate10

Lumiere battle auton41

T55-class armed transport3

Barbary-class gunship107

EI500-class freighter5

Meth enforcer6

Repentant-class gunship7

Ronin/C-class gunship9

Oromo II-class heavy gunship3

Lumiere sentinel49

Borer II-class gunship1

Viking II-class gunship236

Zoanthrope raider28

Marauder raid platform38

Drake-class missileship15

Earthzone-class chimera1

Plague-class gunship1

medium IAV2

Heliotrope gunship21

Wind slaver45

Sapphire-class yacht2

Likho-class heavy gunship12

Urak sentinel55

Earthzone 1200-class gunship19

T31-class armed transport11

Oromo-class heavy gunship13

light IAV9

Centauri heavy raider4

Viking-class gunship66

Ronin/B-class gunship11

Hornet-class chimera4

Corsair II-class gunship92

Hammerhead II-class gunship5

Ronin/A-class gunship4

Zulu II-class gunship13

EI100-class freighter7

Sirin 3B-class gunship1

Himal interceptor60

Hornet-class battlepod148

Borer-class gunship8

Earthzone 100-class armed shuttle24

Hammerhead-class gunship3

Corsair-class gunship174

Zulu-class gunship25

Sirin 3A-class gunship22

TA3-class sentinel4

Centauri raider26

enemy stations destroyed

pteravore lair4

Huari fortress1

Lumiere stronghold2

Sung fortress2

Curators stronghold3

Dwarg colony5

Heliotrope colony1

Penitent shrine4

Death Drug Cartel outpost2

Lumiere outpost5

Sapiens compound1

Sung slave camp4

Anarchist settlement4

Centauri warlord settlement3

Charon Pirates stronghold9

Fortress of the Charon Pirates1

Heliotrope outpost4

level 3 outlaw mine1

outlaw haven2

Sapiens outpost1

Abbasid outpost9

Anarchist gathering14

Centauri warlord stronghold1

Charon Pirates outpost2

level 2 outlaw mine1

Urak outpost3

Anarchist habitat8

Centauri warlord camp1

Charon Pirates cache7

Curators outpost4

Himal refuge8

outlaw camp8


Systems visited15

Never reached Jiang's Star

Never reached Point Juno

Left Human Space


Corporate Command

Near Stars Expansion

The Backroads

The Stars of the Pilgrim Soundtrack

final equipment

Dvalin Ion9 cannon [+20%]

Makayev launcher [+40%]

mitigator 0.70 [+40%]

4 segments of light Iocrym armor [+ionize immune]

SN2500 reactor [+enhanced]

Longreach I autocannon

2 patch spiders

NAMI auton bay

final items

segment of massive Iocrym armor

advanced analyzer

blue etherium field crystal

1014 Red Strelka missiles

9 pteracnium fuel rods

Lumiere battle auton named "7 3 8"

Lumiere battle auton named "7 3 8"

5 xenotite fuel rods

Interstellar Miners Union identification chip

3 weapon efficiency ROMs

Commonwealth military identification chip

Lumiere sentinel named "4 vux"

Lumiere sentinel named "5 cux"

Lumiere sentinel named "7 cux"

black market identification chip

friendly ships destroyed

Osprey-class starship1

Armstrong-class transport1

Albatross-class barge3

Sandstorm-class gunship3

Elixir-class megayacht3

heavy IAV10

Molotok/A-class heavy gunship1

Lumiere battle auton2

Constellation-class freighter12

Helgoland A110-class transport8

Lumiere sentinel1

EI500-class freighter1

Zoanthrope raider2

medium IAV2

Salvager Nomad9

T31-class armed transport1

Ronin/B-class gunship4

items installed

light Iocrym armor

Dvalin armor

Dvalin Ion9 cannon

carbide carapace

Katana star cannon

light Gusoku armor

Longreach I autocannon

SN2500 reactor

tritium cannon

blast plate

Mammoth 25MW deflector

mitigator 0.70

patch spider

ceralloy armor

dual Flenser cannon

Makayev launcher

Nova-100 reactor

particle beam turret

class III deflector

light Tevlar armor

NAMI auton bay

Nova-50 reactor

plasteel armor

polyceramic armor

slam cannon

heavy ceramic armor

monopole deflector screen

Moskva 11 light turret

NAMI missile launcher

Nova-25 reactor

turbolaser cannon

cannon accelerator

mitigator 0.50

Nova-15 reactor

trader's cargo hold

Cyclotron S10 deflector

missions & activities

Commonwealth militia missions12

Corporate privateer missions9

Gladiator fights10

Korolov shipping missions7

Mining colony missions1 (1 failed)

Money donated to Sisters of Domina1 credit

Money earned on missions69,000 credits

Psionics offered to Domina26

Slaves freed30

powers invoked


Nebular Sight3


ships used

Constellation-class freighter

Wolfen/C-class gunship

weapons fired

Dvalin Ion9 cannon737

Katana star cannon4695

Red Strelka missile4492

tritium cannon2199

Green Strelka missile682

dual Flenser cannon829

Makayev launcher5852

particle beam turret2095

White Strelka missile678

KM550 Broadsword missile16

Longreach I autocannon3656

slam cannon1038

KM110 Starburst missile104

KM120 Brute missile55

KM500 Stiletto missile291

NAMI missile launcher629

turbolaser cannon135

KM100 Longbow missile163

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