Solving Graphics Problems

Transcendence uses the DirectX 9 API to render frames to the screen. It should automatically adapt to your environment. Nevertheless, there are several options in Settings.xml which may help to improve performance or resolve compatibility issues.

Consult the following list of problems:

The Game Lags or Feels Sluggish

Transcendence runs at 30 frames per second. You may check the frame rate by setting debugVideo option to true.

Some older graphics cards may not fully support dynamic textures (which are used to display each frame). Try setting the noGPUAcceleration option to true and see if the game runs faster.

If the game continues to run slowly, try changing the graphicsQuality option. The following values are supported:

  • auto: The game determines the graphics quality. This is the default.
  • maximum: Maximum graphics quality. This requires the most processing and graphics power.
  • standard: This level turns off some processor-intensive effects, such as the volumetric shadow cast by planets and asteroids.
  • minimum: This level turns off all optional graphics.

All I See Is a Blank Screen

In some cases (particularly on Linux/WINE) there may be compatibility issues with the device driver. If all you see is a blank or empty screen, try setting the forceNonDirectX option to true.

This option will force the engine to use Windows GDI for painting, which is often more compatible.

None of these Options Help

If you're still having problems, please post your issues in the Ministry of Records: For best results, set debugVideo to true, run the game, and post the resulting Debug.log file in the record.

Editing Settings.xml

Settings.xml is a file in the root folder of your Transcendence installation. You may edit it with any text editor, such as Notepad.

Make sure you close the game before editing the file.

All available options are shown in Settings.xml. The name= field shows the name of the option. The value= field is the current setting.

You may change the value of an option and then restart the game.

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