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Mods created for the game can be published to the Steam Workshop for other players to download. Follow these steps to publish a mod:

  1. Create a mod: Of course, you have to have a mod to publish. If you've never created a mod for Transcendence before, start here.
  2. Compile to TDB: Use TransCompiler to compile your XML files to one or more TDB files. You'll find TransCompiler.exe in the executable directory, generally:
  3. \Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Transcendence

    Use the following command line to compile your XML file:

    TransCompiler /input:{main-XML-file} /output:{TDB-file}

    If your mod requires libraries, you will need to specify those TDBs on the command-line using the /entities switch. For example:

    TransCompiler ... /entities:"MyLibrary1.tbd, MyLibrary2.tdb"

  4. Upload to Steam: Use TransWorkshop to upload your TDB files to Steam. The following command-line uploads a TDB:

  5. TransWorkshop /upload:{TDB-file}

    If your mod requires libraries you can upload them as part of the workshop item with the following command:

    TransWorkshop /upload:{TDB-file} /libraries:"MyLibrary1.tdb, MyLibrary2.tdb"

    NOTE: You must own the rights to a library to upload it. Do not upload libraries that you did not create without explicit permission. If your mod requires libraries included in DLC or a different mod, you can use the Steam Workshop controls to add a dependency.


  • How Do I Add a Cover Image for a Mod? Use the coverImageID= parameter on an extension to specify an image to use for the cover. For Steam, cover images should be 16×9 aspect ratio, generally 1920×1080. Other aspect ratios will be cropped to fit.

George Moromisato
28 July 2016

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