Storylines and Chronology

What is Transcendence? It is not a single game. Transcendence is a universe comprising several interrelated storylines, set in a vast and detailed galaxy.

Domina & Oracus

The core storyline starts in The Stars of the Pilgrim. Compelled by the mysterious hyperintelligence known as Domina, you travel through the dangers of Human Space in a pilgrimage to the Galactic Core. But as you accumulate power in your journey, you begin to wonder what your true mission is.

Subsequent releases expand on this storyline. Corporate Command introduced you to the world of the Corporate Hierarchy. Future releases, like Wolfy's The Stars Beyond will explore new regions of Human Space.

In late 2015 or early 2016, we will release The Vault of the Galaxy, which continues the Pilgrim's adventure into the realm of the Ancient Races, and features a meeting with Domina at the Galactic Core.


The virtual denizens of the Concatenated Digital Metropolis are the subject of an upcoming (as yet untitled) adventure. As a CDM mercenary, a meatspace asset for the digital denizens, you will confront the mysterious AI known as Luminous. Your journey will take you through the Near Stars and to the birthplace of humanity: Earth.

This adventure will be released at the end of 2014.

The Fleet

The struggle of the Commonwealth Fleet against the inexhaustible Ares Orthodoxy has been a popular storyline in the Transcendence universe. Sometime in 2015 we will release a real-time strategy game focused on this conflict, in which you'll command one of the mightiest ships in the Fleet: the Commonwealth star carrier America.


While much of Human Space is controlled by large sovereigns such as the Commonwealth and the Corporate Hierarchy, there are many stations that prefer an independent attitude. Banding together under the banner of the Freeworlds, these stations work hard to scrape a living, all while defending themselves against aggressive foes.

These storylines will not be released until after Part II.


There's not much we can say about post-Vault of the Galaxy storylines—it's still too early. But it's safe to say that all of the major storylines are interrelated and all will eventually converge.

We have very preliminary plans for an MMO set in between Parts II and III. Such a product is still years away, and it's likely that it will show up after Part III.


The chart above highlights the major storylines of the Transcendence universe ordered by in-game chronology.

The chart is centered on the year 2419, at the beginning of The Stars of the Pilgrim.

Points on the chart are not necessarily to scale.


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Map of Human Space

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