What is Transcendence?

Transcendence is a realtime game of space combat and adventure. You pilot a small starship, fighting enemies, looting wrecks, and trading with friendly stations. Your ship can be enhanced with new weapons, shields, and useful devices.

How do I play the game?

First, download the game and install it by copying the files to a folder on your computer. Start the game by launching Transcendence.exe.

The object of the game is to destroy enemy ships and stations, loot their wrecks, and improve your ship so that you can take on more powerful opponents. Use the [F1] key during the game for a list of controls.

Use the arrow keys to move your ship. The left and right arrow keys turn your ship. The down arrow key thrusts forward. Your ship will continue to move until you thrust in the opposite direction.

Use the [Ctrl] key to fire your primary weapon. When you acquire a missile launcher, use the [Shift] key to fire a missile and the [Tab] key to select a different missile type.

Use the [S] key to refuel your ship and the [U] key to use items in your cargo hold.

For a full list of commands see: Playing Transcendence.

Where should I go?

The [M] key shows you a view of the entire star system. Visit all the planets and asteroid fields in the system to encounter both friendly and unfriendly stations.

Use the [D] key to dock with friendly stations or floating wrecks.

If you want to move faster, use the [A] key to engage the auto-pilot.

If you find a stargate you may use the [G] key to pass through the gate to another star system. You will encounter more powerful and dangerous enemies as you travel further away from Starton Eridani.

How can I get better weapons and shields?

Some friendly stations sell weapons, armors, and shields. You can also loot items from enemy ships and stations that you've destroyed.

Weapons, armor, and shields must be installed on your ship to be effective—otherwise they will just sit in your cargo hold. Most friendly stations will repair and install armor and refuel your ship. Some friendly stations (such as shipyards) will install weapons and shields.

Advanced weapons and shields require more power. You may need to upgrade your reactor before installing an item.

How do I save my game?

Use the [Esc] key to save and exit the game. The game is saved under your name and you can always return later and continue a saved game.

Development & Modding

When will my favorite feature show up in the game?

Transcendence is continuously in development and new versions, some major, some minor, appear several times a year. If you are interested in the design and development of Transcendence, join the Official Forums.

Where can I learn more about mods for the game?

Modding allows you to alter the game to make it more challenging, easier, or just more interesting. Mods allow you to start with a custom-designed ship. Mods can also alter ships, enemies, and items in the game.

To learn more, join the Official Forums.

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